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Connor Corum and Greg Kinnear star in ’Heaven Is for Real’

Heaven is for Real

By Jake Mulligan | Apr 16
"Heaven is for Real" is a passable work of religious propaganda, but "Heaven Might Be For Real" could’ve been a truly thoughtful movie.

A scene from ’Dancing in Jaffa’

Dancing in Jaffa

By Kevin Langson | Apr 11
Pierre Dulaine, a renowned dancer, has decided to return to Jaffa, the embattled city outside Tel Aviv where he was born. He is bringing with him Dancing Classrooms, a program designed to improve young lives through ballroom dancing.

Nicolas Cage stars in ’Joe’


By Charlie Nash | Apr 11
A powerful drama centered around an ex-convict’s surprisingly poignant friendship with a fifteen-year-old boy, "Joe" serves as a thrilling return to form not only for Nicolas Cage, but also for its eclectically gifted director, David Gordon Green.

Jude Law

Dom Hemingway

By Robert Nesti | Apr 11
Despite Jude Law’s captivating performance, "Dom Hemingway" is a caper comedy is search of a caper.

A scene from ’Rio 2’

Rio 2

By Jake Mulligan | Apr 11
Just like an episode of a cartoon or a sitcom, every character gets something to do here, and yet none of them advance or grow in any way by the time the end credits roll.

A scene from ’Oculus’


By Kevin Taft | Apr 11
The scares aren’t reflected in director Mike Flanagan’s spooky follow-up to his terrific debut film "Absebtia."

Kevin Costner stars in ’Draft Day’

Draft Day

By Kilian Melloy | Apr 11
The director behind "Ghostbusters" and "Meatballs" certainly spends a lot of time and energy zigging and zagging on his way to a touchdown that never quite happens.

Scarlett Johansson stars in ’Under the Skin’

Under the Skin

By Jake Mulligan | Apr 10
Words like "experimental" and "radical" are thrown around all too often when we talk about movies. But for "Under the Skin," those phrases may be accurate.

Andy Garcia stars in ’Rob the Mob’

Rob the Mob

By Charlie Nash | Apr 4
Despite its inspired performances from Michael Pitt and Nina Arianda, "Rob the Mob" is a flat, conventional crime drama based on the true story of two appealingly off-beat criminals in love.

Chris Evans stars in ’Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

By Joseph Pisano | Apr 4
When it comes to the big screen, the first Avenger is still the best Avenger.