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Andrew Droz Palermo stars in 'Rich Hill'

Rich Hill

By Jake Mulligan | Aug 15
It's like the directing team set out to make a respectable version of "Gummo." But respectability never improves anything.

Michael Fassbender stars in 'Frank'


By Roger Walker-Dack | Aug 15
Lenny Abrahamson's completely bizarre, but unquestionably genius, comedy is actually based on a real life Frank who used to wear a large papier-mâché head all the time.

A scene from 'I Am Happiness on Earth'

I Am Happiness on Earth

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 15
Director Julin Hernndez delves through love, isolation, desperation, the artistic struggle, and a whole lot more with "I Am Happiness on Earth."

Gwenaëlle Simon and Melvil Poupaud star in 'A Summer's Tale'

A Summer's Tale

By Jake Mulligan | Aug 8
Nearly 30 years on from the New Wave, and Eric Rohmer was still studying the coupling process among the somewhat-snobby intelligentsia - still doing his thing.

A scene from 'Into the Storm'

Into the Storm

By Kevin Taft | Aug 8
It's "Twister" on steroids!

Charlotte Le Bon and Helen Mirren star in 'The Hundred-Foot Journey'

The Hundred-Foot Journey

By Jake Mulligan | Aug 8
Director Lasse Hallstrom is an old hand (his filmography stretches from "ABBA: The Movie" to "Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven,") so he has a bit of fun bringing some flair into the picture whenever there's space in the margins.

Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan star in 'What If'

What If

By Jake Mulligan | Aug 8
The last thing writer Elon Mastai seems interested in is watching two people become a couple, on their own - which is, in theory, the entire theme and purpose of this story.

The Dog

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 8
Alison Berg and Frank Keraudren delve into the story behind, and beyond, events that inspired the film "Dog Day Afternoon." their subject, John Wojtowicz, is an affable man with a swaggering, larger than life persona.

Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt star in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Guardians of the Galaxy

By Jake Mulligan | Aug 1
It may not be a great movie, but it is a damn refreshing one.

A scene from 'Finding Fela!'

Finding Fela!

By Louise Adams | Aug 1
Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney documents the activist musician, as well as the Broadway musical made about his life, in the rich, two-hour portrait.