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Humble, nice-guy, well-read, published writer, intellectual conversationalist, and somewhat of a loner may not be the first descriptives you think of when you think of a porn star.

But once you get to know adult film star Conner Habib, this - along with cute, sexy, hot and adorable - will most likely be what you think of when you think of him. Kind of sounds like boyfriend material, but this high- in-demand porn model may not have the time to add a This text will be the linkloving partner to that list. Having known Conner before he entered the porn industry, it was nice to sit down and visit what has been going on with him over the past three years in his career.

And it was not surprising to me, that the all-around nice guy I knew before still exists and represents his profession with great integrity. However, some discovery was made during our conversation like his childhood dream to be a porn star, his approach to performing his sex scenes, his internal conflict with fans wanting to see him rather than converse with him, and what porn company and porn star are high on his list with whom to work.


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