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Some of us look through GQ Magazine, Details, and even Playgirl to fantasize about the man of our dreams.

Well, if you’re looking for something more authentic (i.e., in-your-face), Australia’s Thunder From Down Under (Australia’s version of Chippendales) gives us a fantasy live, up close and personal.

Their show is definitely not one for the prudish. And if shopping at a "meat" market is your taste, well, let’s just say TFDU offers a lot of prime rib. Though most of their shows are definitely for the straight ladies, these guys have no qualms about being oodled by the gay men that come to the shows. During the shows 3-week tour stop in San Francisco, I got a chance to speak with three of the shows six performers, Adam Hughes, Ben (Benny) Hardy, and Alex Biffin. Of course I brought a long a hanky to catch my drool during the live interview, but I stayed focus long enough to catch a bit of what they had to say.


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