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It’s Now the Wachowski Brother and Sister

Thursday Sep 6, 2007
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Word (from the website Cinematical) is that Larry Wachowski has completed his sex change operation. "According to Rated-M," the website reported, "the man formerly known as Larry Wachowski has officially completed his full sex change. Now, I’m not sure whether he had an actual operation, or if he just underwent hormone treatments (I’ll admit to not being an expert in this area), but Larry is now Lana Wachowski. Say goodbye to referring to the writer-director duo as the Wachowski Brothers."

Expect the directors formerly known as the Wachowski Brothers to be speaking to the press about this (a rarity, since the duo are very press unfriendly.) This, the report continued, will not be until after their newest film, Speed Racer, hits theaters on May 9, 2008. Fears of public reaction (and potential box office damage) may be behind this move. Rated-M also claims that Dateline NBC has the rights to Lana’s first public interview on the subject.


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