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Since the age of 16, the blonde ambition rap artist known as Iggy Azalea, 23, has been pushing it hard to get where she is today, an Australian outback beauty with a killer flow and a a debut album that declares her "The New Classic."

Over the past 7 years, Azalea has been faced with the slammed doors of hip-hop music executives unwilling to give her a chance. "There were days when I felt very demotivated with people’s responses or unwillingness to give me a shot. But, I’m glad I’ve persevered," says Iggy about her music journey. She definitely wears her trials and tribulations on her chest like a badge of honor.

Having to work doubly hard and overcoming the double standard placed upon a white female in music industry’s hip-hop genre, dominated by African American males has provided much material for Iggy to rap about, not as a complaint, but as anthem to those out there who have faced similar struggles but walk away with triumph without having to have sold their souls and become something that they are not in order to satisfy the naysayers.


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