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Medical Director Robert Bolan

LA Faces Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Among MSM

HEALTH | By Winnie McCroy | Monday Apr 14, 2014
If you’re an MSM living in Los Angeles or surrounding areas, you may want to get vaccinated for meningitis - especially if you are living with HIV.

SAGE volunteer Charles Cole

Isolation Hampers Well-Being of Gay Seniors

HEALTH | By Matthew S. Bajko | Apr 13
Various research studies have found that LGBT seniors are vulnerable to being socially isolated, which can hamper their well-being and elevate their risk for depression, anxiety and other maladies.

Center for Arizona Policy, an anti-abortion group

Court Extends Stay on New Arizona Abortion Rules

HEALTH | By Astrid Galvan and Bob Christie | Apr 11
A federal appeals court panel issued an injunction blocking new Arizona abortion restrictions that are considered the most stringent in the nation, saying women likely would suffer irreparable harm if they’re allowed to take effect.

Yuanyuan Zhang, M.D., Ph.D, assistant professor at the Institute, demonstrates the process to engineer a vaginal organ in a laboratory

Lab-Made Nostrils and Vaginas Working Well

HEALTH | By Malcom Ritter and Maria Cheng | Apr 11
Two new studies describe the latest achievements in growing body parts in a lab and transplanting them into people, this time with nostrils and vaginas.

Today is GLSEN’s Day of Silence

LGBT Youth and Allies Participate in GLSEN Day of Silence

HEALTH | By Winnie McCroy | Apr 11
GLSEN helps keeps kids safe with the 19th Annual Day of Silence, an event that raises awareness against the impact of bullying on LGBT youth.

The No-Excuse Zone

HEALTH | By Blake Beckcom | Apr 8
You have entered the"No-Excuse Zone."The time to stop making excuses and start making time for you and your health is now.

Licensed acupuncturist and board-certified herbalist Sandra Gray

Pathways to Wellness Holds Free Acupuncture Workshop

HEALTH | By Patricio Maya Solis | Apr 8
On April 10, Pathways to Wellness invites women to a free workshop, "Acupuncture and Women’s Health," to explore how acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help regulate your menstrual cycle.

Cornell University graduate student, Michael Smith

Scientific Study: Bee Sting on the Penis Hurts Less Than on the Lip

HEALTH | By EDGE | Apr 7
A Cornell University student deliberately subjected himself to weeks of bee stings on various parts of his body, including his penis and testicles, in an attempt to determine which part of the anatomy is most sensitive to pain.

’101’ Vagina is coming to a bookstore near you!

"101 Vagina" Goes on National Book Tour

HEALTH | By Winnie McCroy | Apr 7
Photographer Philip Werner has compiled 101 black and white photos of women’s vaginas, with a message, story or poem written by the subject to accompany the photo. The result is the profound and cheeky "101 Vaginas."

GOP Seeks Coverage Choices in Health Care Law They Hate

HEALTH | By David Espo | Apr 6
At the prodding of business organizations, House Republicans quietly secured a recent change in President Obama’s health law to expand coverage choices, a striking, one-of-a-kind departure from dozens of high-decibel attempts to repeal or dismember it.

Author, AIDS activist, and entrepreneur Sean Strub, left talked with Let s Kick ASS (AIDS Survivor Syndrome) co-founder Tez Anderson when he was in San Francisco earlier this year to discuss his memoir, ’Body Counts.’

Trauma of AIDS Epidemic Impacts Aging Survivors

HEALTH | By Matthew S. Bajko | Apr 6
Three decades ago, Tez Anderson learned he was HIV-positive and watched countless friends, lovers, and associates be felled by AIDS. The traumas exacted a psychological toll as he aged.