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Over the past 8 years, San Francisco has had a love relationship with Robert Kotonoly and Rory Paull for being a huge part of the city’s nightlife. Kotonoly and Paull’s The Rrazz Room (an off shoot of the Plush Room in the York Hotel) has provided city residents and guests with the type of nightclub experience reminiscent of the hay days of the Copa Cabana, The Coconut Grove, and yes, even the Cotton Club where the entertainment was premium and the experience unbelievable.

Now, The Rrazz Room has been forced to move out of the Hotel Nikko where it has resided for the past 5 years due to the hotel’s refusal to exercise an option for owners to extend their lease. The owners of The Rrazz Room have responded to the unexpected development as nothing more than a discriminatory action by the hotel leading to a lawsuit brought on by Kotonoly and Paull.


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