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If the signees of an online petition get their way, you won’t be able to lick this.

Petition Calls For A Stop To The Tom of Finland Stamp

By EDGE | Apr 21
The recent decision by the Finland postal service to roll out a series of stamps to commemorate the work of artist Tom of Findland is facing some opposition in the form of a petition calling for a halt to the soon to be miniature lickable homoerotic art.


Fine Arts Features

Andrew Salgado

Andrew Salgado’s Works of Masculine Beauty

By Joel Martens | Mar 23
Andrew Salgado’s body of paintings is the work of a fascinating artist - images both compelling and at times a bit unnerving due to the intensity. They are not portraits, they are gripping, painterly stories.

The Art & Soul of It

By Joel Martens | Mar 23
Art: On canvas, sculpted in marble, executed in steel and glass. Come explore and look deeply, learn something beyond what you might know - and discover the very nature of human existence.

Artist Ashleigh Sumner brings street art to the canvas

LA Lesbian Artist Ashleigh Sumner Rocks Art Space Warehouse

By Winnie McCroy | Feb 25
L.A. artist Ashleigh Sumner is appropriating street art into her own unique, layered creations, and from downtown to the Hollywood Hills, people are beginning to snatch up her unique works.

The Clark

The Berkshires: Art Reimagined at The Clark This Summer

By Matthew Wexler | Dec 26
The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute inaugurates its new and expanded facilities this summer with four new exhibits and the reinstallment of its permanent collection.

"Downton Abbey"

"Downton Abbey" Costume Exhibit Arrives in U.S.

By Matthew Wexler | Dec 3
"Costumes of Downton Abbey," a major exhibition of costumes from the award-winning Downton Abbey television series, will open at the Winterthur Museum in March 2014.


Fine Arts Reviews

A Queer History Of Fashion - From The Closet To The Catwalk

By Michael Cox | Nov 2
Accompanying the exhibit in NYC, Valerie Steele, director of the Fashion Institute of Technology, explores a topic that surprisingly few have in "A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Cakewalk" what gay people have done for fashion.

Photo: Courtesy Roberts & Tilton, Culver City, CA

Kehinde Wiley/The World Stage: Israel

By Sura Wood | Feb 26
This particular body of work is based on traditional 18th- and 19th-century European portraiture of the landed gentry, but the artist gave the enterprise a significant twist and shout by adding the seasoning of contemporary youth and hip hop.

Artist Errol Edwards, one of the three African/ Antiguan artists currently exhibiting together at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.

African/Antiguan Artists At CMAC

By Kay Bourne | Jul 10
"Woodism" and Jumbie aesthetics inspire the art of three African/ Antiguan artists currently exhibiting together at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.