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Chris Pratt in a scene from "Guardians Of The Galaxy."

Chris Pratt Enters a New ’Galaxy’

By Jake Coyle | Apr 23
After Chris Pratt tweeted a shirtless photo of himself to flaunt the shape he had gotten into for "Zero Dark Thirty," he received a "giant ball of criticism" from his friends and helped land him the lead in one of the summer’s biggest movies.



What To See @ the SF International Film Fest

By Kevin Langson | Apr 22
The nation’s longest running film festival - the SF International - begins this week. EDGE writer Kevin Langston offers his choices of what to see at the festival (and what to look for at a festival near you).

Mark Goshorn Jones

Andy of Gayberry? ’Tennessee Queer’ Explores Rural Gay Life

By Kevin Langson | Apr 18
The new film "Tennessee Queer" explores life as a rural gay in the South with a keen sense of humor. EDGE spoke to filmmaker Mark Goshorn Jones about finding laughs in what could be thought a more serious subject.

Johnny Depp in "Transcendence"

Cyber-Consciousness Raising with Johnny Depp

By Fred Topel | Apr 17
Johnny Depp loves playing divergent characters; but his role in "Transcendence" may be his biggest challenge yet. EDGE spoke to Depp about playing the man whose body dies but mind lives on in a computer.

Hanno Koffler and Max Riemelt in ’Free Fall’

’Free Fall’ :: Coming Out in a German Police Task Force

By Sean Au | Apr 11
"Free Fall" has been called the German "Brokeback Mountain," largely because it deals with a police officer torn between his girlfriend & a peer on the force. EDGE spoke to writer/director Stephan Lacant & actor Hanno Koffler about the film.

25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards: Visible and Understood

By Chris Carpenter | Apr 8
This year’s L.A. edition of the GLAAD Media Awards will feature filmmaker Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and the subject of her documentary "Bridegroom," Shane Bitney Crone, who faced the indignities of a pre-marriage equality era after his life partner died.


Movie Reviews

Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton star in ’The Other Woman’

The Other Woman

By Padraic Maroney
Most films end up pitting women against each other for entertainment value. Romantic comedies especially have a history of pitting women against each other while chasing after the same man. Not this one.

Tom Hardy stars in ’Locke’


By Joseph Pisano
Writer/director Steven Knight’s latest thriller greatly exceeds the sum of its parts.

Paul Walker stars in ’Brick Mansions’

Brick Mansions

By Robert Nesti
"Brick Mansions" is a surprisingly enjoyable urban action genre movie with a by-the-numbers plot enhanced by the chemistry between its leads and furiously realized action sequences.

Jonas Armstrong stars in ’Walking with the Enemy’

Walking with the Enemy

By Kilian Melloy
As the Nazi reign of terror spreads to Hungary, a courageous young man joins a semi-underground organization that resists the deportation and murder of Jews. That’s about the extent of what’s "true" in this forgettable "based on a true story" film.

Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston star in ’Only Lovers Left Alive’

Only Lovers Left Alive

By Kilian Melloy
Jim Jarmusch throws down the gauntlet and defies current Hollywood norms to give us a stylish, lethargic, and compelling take on the vampire myth.

A scene from ’Young and Beautiful’

Young and Beautiful

By Kevin Langson
Isabelle, the tepid seventeen-year-old at the center of Francois Ozon’s new drama of disturbance, certainly is "Young & Beautiful" as the title suggests -- too young for her activities, and too beautiful for her own good.