• • EDGE launches in Boston MA and Providence RI
    • First-of-its-kind digital LGBT news source
    • Covering News, Arts, Style, Travel & Nightlife

  • • EDGE launches in New York NY and Provincetown MA
    • Becomes first local network for LGBT news and entertainment
    • Adds Business, Technology & Giveaway Center

  • • EDGE launches in Philadelphia PA
    • EDGE launches first EDGE@Night at Club Café, Boston
    • EDGE launches first mobile-oriented LGBT news site

  • • EDGE launches in Fort Lauderdale FL, Miami FL, Chicago IL
    • EDGE launches in San Francisco CA, Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA
    • Network reaches 500,000 readers

  • • EDGE launches in Las Vegas NV and Fire Island NY
    • Adds Health & Fitness
    • First annual Best of EDGE Awards

  • • EDGE launches in Washington DC and Atlanta GA
    • EDGE launches world's first LGBT news app for iOS
    • Adds HIV/AIDS, including award-winning Faces of AIDS project

  • • EDGE launches in Orlando FL and San Diego CA
    • Network reaches 1,000,000 readers
    • Editors post 50,000th news story

  • • EDGE launches in Seattle WA and Palm Springs CA
    • EDGE launches Android LGBT news app
    • EDGE launches digital magazine to iPads

  • • EDGE launches in Denver CO
    • EDGE launches 20+ LGBT Pride apps to iOS and Android
    • Editors post 10,000th giveaway

  • • EDGE launches in New Orleans LA
    • Adds Cars, Finance & Women
    • EDGE reaches 2,500,000 readers

  • • To-date LGBT news stories: 106,517
    • To-date LGBT photos: 415,850
    • To-date giveaway winners: 123,689

We're 10 years old! In honor of a decade serving the LGBT community, we're celebrating you - our readers - and the victories we've achieved together over the last ten years.

On This Day In 2008...

Gay Porn Star Brent Everett and Boyfriend Steve Pena Take It Up the Aisle

By Maggie Taylor | Monday Sep 22, 2008
Gay porn star Brent Everett and his boyfriend and event producer Steve Pena will settle down and take advantage of California’s legal gay marriage to say their "I do’s" to one another in a ceremony slated for Oct. 3.

EDGE On Tour Recap

EDGE 10 Year Party @ The Wave Bar :: July 11, 2014

The Crown and Anchor hosted EDGE's 10th Anniversary party at The Wave Bar in P-Town. Check out the photos!

10 Years In Review...

EDGE 10.0: The Decade in Boycotts

By Steve Weinstein | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
EDGE has consistently been reporting on boycotts, both pro- and anti-LGBT. In this, its 10th year, it's worth looking back on the way boycotts have permeated EDGE's coverage.