What’s Happening Now

Media Suffering From AIDS Fatigue?

By Steve Weinstein | Monday Dec 16, 2013
In the beginning, major news outlets ignored the epidemic because it only struck marginal populations. After a brief window of concern, they have fallen into the same pattern.

Why Are More Gay Men Going Bareback?

By Steve Weinstein | Tuesday Dec 10, 2013
Theories abound to explain the rise in infections among gay men, but, so far, no one has figured out what to do about it.

HIV Controversies Continue to Dog Researchers

By Steve Weinstein | Sunday Dec 1, 2013
The possibility of an HIV ’super bug,’ whether circumcision helps prevent infection and the case of the HIV-free ’Berlin patient’ are still raising voices among scientists and activists.

After 32 Years, Condoms Are Still Key

By J. Montgomery Buchanan | Sunday Dec 1, 2013
We’ve learned a lot about HIV, but the one constant, among those infected or not, is that a condom prevents infection, reinfection and other potentially lethal STDs.

For HIV+, the World Is Getting Smaller

By Christine Malcom | Wednesday Nov 27, 2013
Globalization + emerging diseases + less money for research = a perfect storm for those infected with HIV.

Optimism in the Face of Crisis

By Lindsay King- Miller | Thursday Oct 31, 2013
Yes, there’s plenty to be done about prevention & treatment. But continuing research points to a someday of a vaccine & even cure for HIV.