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  • HIV Meds: The Latest in Treatment & What’s Ahead

    California man uses Facebook to combat HIV/AIDS stigma

    By Megan Barnes | Friday Dec 17, 2010
    Xavier Mejia, who disclosed his own HIV status on Facebook after this year’s World AIDS Day, uses the social medium to further reduce the virus’ stigma through information, news and other posts.

    D.C. officials battle HIV/AIDS epidemic

    By Michael K. Lavers | Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
    With 3.2 percent of the District of Columbia’s residents living with HIV/AIDS, public health officials and service providers continue to grapple with an infection rate that rivals those found in some sub-Saharan African countries.

    Curbing "an epidemic within an epidemic"

    By Joseph Erbentraut | Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
    Activists see World AIDS Day as an opportunity to highlight the disproportionate impact the epidemic continues to have on transgender people.

    Women & HIV: How Culture Contributes to Crisis

    By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
    The face of AIDS has changed from gay men to people across the spectrum. Today, women represent a large number of new HIV infections. Culture, sexual politics & old prejudices have combined to create a crisis.

    Most Gay Men Worldwide Can’t Access Basic HIV Prevention

    By Steve Weinstein | Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
    A new survey shows that gay men around the world lack access to condoms, information and treatment for HIV.

    VIRxSYS Announces ’Functional Cure’ for AIDS

    By Annie Brown | Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
    Could this be the long-sought ’magic bullet’? A researcher says there’s a drug on the horizon that will not only help prevent HIV infection in the healthy, but delay the onset of symptoms and the spread of HIV in those already infected.

    How to Stem Gay People of Color’s High HIV Infection Rates

    By Michael D. Shankle and Uriah Bell | Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
    Nowhere is the AIDS crisis more pronounced than in black and Hispanic men who have sex with men. Two renowned experts in the field discuss why the rates of infection are so high for gay men of color -- and what can be done to stem the tide.

    HIV Prevention: Educating the Next Generation

    By Peter Cassels | Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
    How to reach teens with a safe-sex message has become mired in controversy over whether such efforts prevent disease or encourage sexual behavior. EDGE takes a look at the way the religious right is attempting to frame the argument.

    Aging With HIV

    By James Masten | Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
    Only a few years ago, this was a problem no one thought possible, but today, people with HIV are living long enough to open a whole new field: HIV gerontology. A prominent expert in the field explains.

    We’ll Walk This Path Together

    By Kilian Melloy | Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
    For World AIDS Day, your columnist re-posts a piece from August, 2008--a letter to a friend newly diagnosed with HIV.

    Sex Workers and HIV/AIDS

    By Annie Brown | Wednesday Dec 1, 2010
    Sex workers in Asia present one of the largest challenges in the fight against AIDS. A recent meeting in Bangkok set out to tackle the issue and find solutions.

    29 Years On, a Timeline of the Early Years of AIDS

    By Steve Weinstein | Tuesday Nov 30, 2010
    The pandemic we know as AIDS has mysterious origins, but in 1981, enough gay men began dying for the Centers for Disease Control to identify a new disease. Here is a comprehensive timeline of the early years, when so much could have been done, but wasn’t.

    Fla. Couple’s Lawsuit for HIV Discrimination: Part of Larger Pattern?

    By Kilian Melloy | Monday Nov 29, 2010
    Two HIV-positive men in Naples, Florida, are pursuing a claim that they were fired from a restaurant due to their health status. The men’s legal counsel is seeking to fast-track the case because both men are in declining health.

    Red Cross scolds ’failed’ HIV policy among nations

    By John Heilprin | Friday Nov 26, 2010
    The spread of HIV and AIDS among millions of people could be slowed if addicts who inject drugs were treated as medical patients rather than as criminals, the International Federation of the Red Cross said Friday.

    UN says AIDS epidemic slows, infections dropping

    By Nastasya Tay | Wednesday Nov 24, 2010
    The global AIDS epidemic has slowed with a 20 percent decrease in new HIV infections over the past decade, the United Nations’ AIDS agency said Tuesday.

    Anti-AIDS groups hail drug but worry over cost

    By Marcus Wohlsen | Wednesday Nov 24, 2010
    AIDS prevention advocates are hailing a pill newly shown to protect against HIV as a great tool for disease prevention. But they caution that no drug alone can address social factors blamed for the persistence of the epidemic. And they say concerns remain about who will pay for the costly treatment.

    Not a Vaccine, But Close: Pill Prevents HIV in 90% of Gay Men

    By Marilynn Marchione | Tuesday Nov 23, 2010
    Scientists have an exciting breakthrough in the fight against AIDS. A pill already used to treat HIV infection turns out to be a powerful weapon in protecting healthy gay men from catching the virus, a global study found.

    Koop: AIDS is the ’forgotten epidemic’

    By Jennifer C. Kerr | Thursday Nov 18, 2010
    Calling it the "forgotten epidemic," former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop urged Americans to end complacency about AIDS and put the deadly disease back on the radar screen.

  • Dec 1 :: 12am
    HIV-positive activist in Boston

    Dec 1 :: 1am
    San Francisco Paramedic

    Dec 1 :: 2am
    Magnet SF volunteer and long-term survivor

    Dec 1 :: 3am
    Los Angeles Comedian

    Dec 1 :: 4am
    NYC AIDS Activist

    Dec 1 :: 5am
    Southern Floridian, HIV+ for over 25 years

    Dec 1 :: 6am
    Staff, Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago

    Dec 1 :: 7am
    Sergio, a flight attendant in San Francisco, was straight when the AIDS epidemic began. Now he's gay and still negative - but takes safer sex seriously.

    Dec 1 :: 8am
    Long-term survivor in NYC

    Dec 1 :: 9am
    Public Relations Director, Broward House Inc in Southern Florida

    Dec 1 :: 9:30am
    Hollywood-based writer and director

    Dec 1 :: 10am
    A gay man from San Francisco with a remarkable story

    Dec 1 :: 10:30am
    New York health therapist and AIDS "Elder"

    Dec 1 :: 11am
    "Rainbow and Triangles" owner, NYC

    Dec 1 :: 11:30am
    HIV-positive trans activist from Boston

    Dec 1 :: 12pm
    HIV-positive man from Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Dec 1 :: 12:30pm
    Popular actor from "Will & Grace" and "Curb Your Enthusiams"

    Dec 1 :: 1pm
    President of AIDS Action Committee in Boston

    Dec 1 :: 1:30pm
    HIV+ Event promoter, New York

    Dec 1 :: 2pm

    Dec 1 :: 2:30pm
    Project coordinator for SMILE in Chicago

    Dec 1 :: 3pm
    Owner of Club Cafe in Boston

    Dec 1 :: 3:30pm
    "Sarah Silverman Program" alum

    Dec 1 :: 4pm
    Young clubgoers in Ft. Lauderdale

    Dec 1 :: 4:30pm
    Physician, Fenway Community Health Center, Boston

    Dec 1 :: 5pm
    HIV-positive latino man in NYC

    Dec 1 :: 5:30pm
    Australian actor living in Los Angeles

    Dec 1 :: 6pm
    Young indian man living in Chicago

    Dec 1 :: 6:30pm
    Community organizer, Magnet SF

    Dec 1 :: 7pm
    Human rights activist from Venezuela

    Dec 1 :: 7:30pm
    MALE Center, Boston

    Dec 1 :: 8pm
    Actress from "Weeds" and "Desperate Housewives"

    Dec 1 :: 8:30pm
    Owner, Humpy's Pizza, Ft. Lauderdale

    Dec 1 :: 9pm
    Peruvian man working at Howard Brown Medical Center in Chicago

    Dec 1 :: 10pm
    Latino HIV+ man from NYC

    Dec 1 :: 11pm
    Bartender at Georgie's Alibi, Ft. Lauderdale