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Bishops Revise Document on Gays, Expect Approval

INTERNATIONAL | By Nicole Winfield | Oct 18
Catholic bishops predicted widespread approval Saturday of a revised document laying out the church's position on gays, sex, marriage and divorce, saying the report is a "balanced" reflection of church teaching and pastoral demands.

Conservatives Gaining Force in Brazil Congress

INTERNATIONAL | By Jenny Barchfield | Oct 18
Unease over a worsening economy and deteriorating public safety, plus a backlash against recent gay-rights gains, are propelling a conservative rise in Brazil.

Rome Mayor Defiantly Registers 16 Gay Marriages

INTERNATIONAL | By Nicole Winfield | Oct 18
The gay marriage debate arrived within walking distance of the Vatican on Saturday as Rome's mayor registered 16 gay marriages celebrated abroad in open defiance of Italy's government.

Officials Fear Ebola is on AIDS Path

INTERNATIONAL | By Mike Stobbe | Oct 18
Comparisons between the Ebola and AIDS have surfaced in the last few months as the Ebola outbreak escalated.

Pat Robertson Says Kenyan Towels Can Give You AIDS

Can you get AIDS from a towel? According to Pat Robertson you can.

Philippines Subpoenas US Marine Murder Suspect

The Philippine government served a subpoena Friday for a U.S. Marine accused of killing a transgender Filipino in an emotional case expected to test the country's military ties with the United States.

Obama Names Ebola 'Czar' as Precautions Expand

INTERNATIONAL | By Jim Kuhnhenn | Oct 17
President Barack Obama on Friday turned to a trusted adviser to lead the nation's Ebola response as efforts to clamp down on any possible route of infection from three Texas cases expanded, reaching a cruise ship at sea and multiple airline flights.

16 Dead in Accident at South Korean K-Pop Concert

INTERNATIONAL | By Kim Tong-Hyung | Oct 17
Sixteen people watching an outdoor pop concert in South Korea fell 20 meters (60 feet) to their deaths Friday when a ventilation grate they were standing on collapsed, officials said.

St. Lucia, Colombia Bar Visitors from Ebola Nations

INTERNATIONAL | By David McFadden | Oct 16
The leader of the small Caribbean island of St. Lucia issued an order Wednesday to immediately bar entry to travelers coming from three West African nations overwhelmed with Ebola epidemics.

UN Chief Wears Purple to Support LGBT Youths

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has responded to the call to "go purple" on Spirit Day to show solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths who face bullying and discrimination.