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God’s Love fundraiser will help outfit their new kitchen at the Michael Kors Buildling

God’s Love We Deliver Launches "1,000 Tiles for Love"

LOCAL | By Winnie McCroy | Jul 8
As part of the renovation and expansion of their SoHo home at the Michael Kors Building, God’s Love We Deliver has announced the charity event "1,000 Tiles for Love."

They want a world safe for families everywhere

Jane Doe Inc. and The Network/La Red Imagine a World Without Domestic Violence

CRIME | By Winnie McCroy | Jul 8
Massachusetts’ Jane Doe Inc., a coalition of 60 domestic violence provider organizations across the state, have teamed up with The Network/La Red to launch the "I Want a World" campaign.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

Anti-Gay Hate Group Calls on Fla. AG to Step Down in Marriage Ban Case

LOCAL | By EDGE | Jul 8
Claiming that she is not presenting a "vigorous defense" in the cases against Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage, Mat Staver of the SPLC designated anti-gay hate group Liberty Counsel, is calling for state Attorney General Pam Bondi to step down.

Madonna Shows Up For Jury Duty

LOCAL | By Bobby McGuire | Jul 7
Monday morning at New York County Court in Manhattan, instead of the accused getting all of the attention, all eyes were on a prospective juror -- Madonna. And quicker than a ray of light, she was gone.

Mass. elected officials support prostate screening!

Mass. Legislators Approve Funding for Prostate Health Awareness

LOCAL | By Winnie McCroy | Jul 7
On June 30, The Massachusetts’ House of Representatives and Senate created a new education and awareness program dedicated to prostate cancer.

Kylie Jack said Petticoat Fair discriminated against her

Austin Lingerie Store Asks for Transwoman’s ID Before Service

LOCAL | By Winnie McCroy | Jul 5
An Austin, Texas lingerie store is coming under fire today after being accused of humiliating and discriminating against a transgender customer.

Adam Bucko, Rich Overton, and the Reciprocity kids

Reciprocity Foundation Promotes Holistic Youth Wellness

LOCAL | By Winnie McCroy | Jul 2
Reciprocity Foundation has a mission: to help LGBT youth become successful adults. Since 2005, they’ve helped more than 1,000 with workshops, mentors and holistic healing.

Dallas gay landmarks got ’the mark of the beast’ this weekend

Dallas Police Look into ’666’ Graffiti on Landmarks as Hate Crime

LOCAL | By Winnie McCroy | Jun 30
Dallas police are investigating the tagging of a gay community landmark and other locations with "666" in red spray paint as a possible hate crime.

Checking Back with Jake Biondi on ’Boystown: Season 2’

LOCAL | By Kilian Melloy | Jun 30
As any denizen of Chicago knows, summer in "that toddling town" is hot and steamy -- and a new collection of Jake Biondi’s Chicago-set "Boystown" stories are set to amp up the sizzle! Get ready for Book Two in the sexy saga.

She Don’t Hate Us, She Just Wanna Take Our Rainbow

LOCAL | By EDGE | Jun 29
A singer whose "Rainbow Song" offered a crayon-colored version of theology, says that the song was not intended to disparage gays... just reclaim the rainbow from their embrace.