iPods Around the House

by Jason Salzenstein
Monday Oct 17, 2005
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Yeah, everyone and their grandma has an iPod. Mini, maxi, Nano, nympho- whatever they’re calling them, everyone’s got one. Now that iPods are as much a necessity as a clean pair of underwear (designer, of course) it’s no longer about your ‘Pod,’ but rather what you can do with it.

By now you’ve read the feature on iPod cases, pouches, bags and sleeves (and if not, you best click on over to the Fashion page when you’re done reading this) and have bought yourself some beautiful protection from scratches or mishaps as well as accessorized your tunes to match every outfit. Now it’s time to take our iPod to the next level.

Sure, you may have a Mac (and if you don’t, I’m very sorry- you’re missing out on a lot of cool stuff…) with iTunes and an AirPort so you can listen to the tunes on your computer in your office or living room, wirelessly. But unless you have both the technical genius and checking account of Bill Gates, you’re limited with how far your tunes can go. Enter the brilliance of the iPod and iCcessories (I just made that word up- it’s fun to see how far we can go with the little ‘i’ isn’t it?).

Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod

How often have you wanted to rock around your house listening to your iPod totally naked? Now you can! Logitech has just introduced wireless Bluetooth headphones specially designed for the iPod and iPod Mini!

OK, so maybe the naked thing isn’t exactly right for everyone- let’s get more practical. Ever been on the treadmill at the gym and missed a step, only to stumble and pull your iPod from its perch onto your knee, the belt, then your floor? Yeah- not pretty. These new headphones eliminate that problem. Hook up the wireless adaptor to your iPod, put on the headphones, and get in shape girl! The stylish white and silver headphones fit over the ear and wrap around the back of you head for a secure- yet still very fashionable- fit and feel.

Simply by touch, you can control the volume, select tracks, and play or pause your music from easy controls on the right ear. No more cords to trip over and no more tripping in front of the hot blonde number either. It’s about time. Retailing for just under $150, they’re invaluable for the gym and all around the house.

For more information, go to

Logitech mm22 Portable Speakers

Continuing their trend for hot new iPod accessories, Logitech has proven that you don’t have to compromise good sound in small speakers. These little babies really pack a punch! Easy to take with you, they’re perfect for traveling, friends’ houses, picnics (OK, not in this weather) or anywhere else you want to bring the party!

Delivering high performance in a compact design, the speakers fold for maximum portability and come with a protective hard case (including space for cords and cables) that make them as easy to take with you as your iPod itself.

Operating on the included AC adaptor or four “AAA” batteries, the micro drivers deliver the smooth sound you’d expect from Logitech. Pack a bag, grab your tunes and speakers and go! The Logitech mm22 Portable Speakers retail for $80. For more information, go to

iHome iH5 Clock Radio

Imagine waking up to any song on your iPod, or falling asleep (or being in bed for some other reason…) with your favorite music in the background. iHome makes it possible with the new iH5 Alarm Clock Radio.

Reson8 technology, combined with two 2-inch Strontium-Ferrite speakers mean detailed, dynamic stereo sound that works with your music- whether it’s classical or rock. Custom designed for the iPod and its sound system, the increased sensitivity produces clearer, crisper highs and richer, fuller, driving bass, no matter what the volume level.

Of course the iH5 comes with all of the bells and whistles (literally) of a standard alarm clock radio (wake up to your choice of buzzer, radio or iPod) plus a backlit LCD screen, auto-set clock (just select your time zone and it sets itself!) and removable inserts to fit all docking iPods. The clock charges your iPod while it’s docked, a line out allows you to connect it to your home stereo and a line in allows you to use the iH5 with non-docking iPods, CD players and other mp3 players as well.

The iHome iH5 retails for about $120. For more information, go to

i-Dog; Beggin’ for the Beat

It’s hard to beat the i-Dog when it comes to cute, quirky, totally unnecessary but oh-so-cool toys for your ipod. I-Dog loves music, and responds to his favorite tunes by lighting up, dancing and groovin’ to the beat.

With hundreds of different blinking light patterns, and a personality all his own, i-Dog will let you know what he likes, and doesn’t like (pet his head and he’ll be happy. Flick his tail- watch out!), and adjust his mood depending on your music. The more you play, the happier he gets! This palm-sized pooch will become your best friend, wiggling his ears and swaying his head to every beat.

Plug your iPod directly into i-Dog (he’s got a little speaker inside him), sit him in front of a speaker or plug him into your iPod and he’ll move and groove depending on the rhythm of the song. Sitting next to your speaker or on your desk at the office, it’s hard to have a bad day when i-Dog’s around.

i-Dog is available for less than $30. For more info, go to

iPod accessories are a dime a dozen these days. With all of the crap out there, it’s hard to know what’s worth investing in, and what’s going to become the next ’Beta’ or fall apart after a few weeks of use. EDGE style and tech gurus have tested these products and found them to be well made, reliable, high quality and stylish.

Be sure to check around for the best price, but remember- cheapest doesn’t always mean best. You may save a few bucks by buying it at ‘Al’s Online Discount Warehouse,’ but if it arrives broken or you need to exchange it for some reason, you might be left in the dark. Lately, I’ve found some of the best deals at Office Depot (both online and in their stores)- my new place to go for iPod accessories (order $50 or more right now and get free shipping).

- Jason Salzenstein

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