Queer As Folk: The Fourth Season

by Ryan Lindsey
Tuesday Jun 22, 2004
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The compilation of music from Showtime’s Queer As Folk: The Fourth Season is, like the show, gay gay gay. Though the songs are all distinct from one another, it’s a set of songs that are neither dissonant nor boringly harmonious.

The album opens with Burnside Project’s “Cue The Pulse To Begin,” a song that seems it must have been written specifically for television; it exudes a feeling of something larger than itself, as though it were meant as part of an action rather than an album. It is a song you could dance to or cook to or chat amongst friends over. As a starter it sets up the compilation’s mood: “Just live it,” as AbFab’s Edie has said.

Though I can’t speak to the overall appeal of any single person or group included on the compilation, I can say that every contributor has at least one good song. For those who look to compilations to fill out existing collections, here’s the set:

“Cue the Pulse to Begin” Burnside Project
“Attitude” Suede
“I’m The Main Man” Jason Nevins
“Train” Goldfrapp
“Love of the Loveless” Eels
“Scream” Ima Robot
“You Are My Joy” The Reindeer Section
“Understanding The New Violence” The Uncut
“Satellite” TV On The Radio
“If I Were A Man” Andrea Menard
“7 Minutes” Circlesquare
“Sanctuary” Origene
“Strobe’s Nanafushi” Kodo
“Wonderful Life” Black

From the shiny electronic sound of “Attitude” to the Drag Queen-ready “If I Were A Man” to the tribal dance beat of “Strobe’s Nanafushi,” the album is tightly produced. Michael A. Perimutter and Scot McFadyen have created an album well worth having. Particularly if you’re as gay as, say, any character from Queer As Folk.

by Various

Label: Tommy Boy
Release Date: June 22, 2004

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