Trance Nation: America Three

by Jonathan Buttrick
Tuesday Jun 29, 2004
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The heart of summer is here, and so are the mixed trance CD compilations. Ultra Records has set forth another Ministry of Sound album this summer, again featuring two discs mixed by two DJs. This time around it’s Mike Rizzo and DJ Drew.

There seems to be a good blend of vocal and non-vocal tracks included in the set. Though some may believe the vocal tracks to be flashy cheese, it’s these numbers that provide a reasonable backdrop to compare to the more fiery dynamic non-vocal offerings. The opener (always an important number on any given compilation) is the dazzling track “Beautiful Things” (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix) by Andain. It sets the tone for the album perfectly. True, it sounds a bit like a pop song, but its allure and airy demeanor prove to be a nice intro. Actually, the hardcore trance fans that abhor “cheesy” vocal trance with humdrum beats and repetitive phrasing may not be all that thrilled with “Trance Nation America Three.” Others may find it delightful to have the melodic progressive trance of BT (“Force of Gravity” Tiesto Remix) right next to a track by LMV vs U2. Yes, that would be U2. In fact, they’re even included in the writing credits of the song, for the sample of “With or Without You.” But that’s not all. The title of the track (“Take Me to the Clouds Above”) is derived from the line it takes from Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know.” How will militant trance fans take to hearing the following familiar phrase from the 80s looped over and over?

“There’s a boy I know, he’s the one I dream of. Looks into my eyes, takes me to the clouds above.”

Perhaps the weightiness of The Thrillseekers’ “Newlife” (Original Mix) will let them forgive. For those who can’t really tell the difference and enjoy the club scene feeling that occurs with the rolling up of car windows and turning the volume way up, then I guess it doesn’t really matter. This comp should more than satisfy.

Other highlights: “Nothing I Won’t Do” by Special D, “Dream Machine” by Ton TB

by Mike Rizzo/DJ Drew

Release Date: June 29, 2004
Label: Ultra Records


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