Who?s your Uncle? Bob. And he?s also my new best friend.

by Jason Salzenstein
Tuesday Jan 17, 2006
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I discovered ‘Bob’s Your Uncle’ at the opening party for the new Vessel store in Boston and once I did, it was like a hot new love affair- I couldn’t get enough. Whoever’s behind the design of this stuff is not only brilliantly witty, they’re also some of the most creative minds I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Made famous by way of their clever greeting cards and wine coasters featuring made-up wine-tasting quotes including “Unpretentious with a hint of treacle…” and “The palette goes on and on,” the company is full of paper goods that bring new life to previously boring areas and occasions.

The ‘”Emergency box of ten assorted cards for forgotten or unexpected occasions” is truly brilliant, as are all of their cards, that refuse to conform to the ‘Hallmark rule’ of having to be sweet and light. These cards are witty, sassy and novel, with a bit of a bite to leave the recipient genuinely smiling. Their gift-wraps are just as clever, featuring the words from “The 12 Days of Christmas,” alternative words to the Happy Birthday song, the Wizard of Oz, traditional wedding vows and more.

Knowing how insanely boring most offices are, ‘Bob’s Your Uncle’ makes a goal of bringing a bit of fun to your desk with bright camouflage file folders, plus-size Post-It page markers featuring punctuation marks, “Note to Self” notebooks, ‘8 days a week’ planner pads and calendars with dogs from the Polka Dog Bakery in Boston’s own South End (every new dog visiting the store is photographed and the picture is displayed on the wall!).

The smart quirkiness behind all of ‘Bob’s Your Uncle’ products makes them as much fun to give, as they are to receive. For those of us that are less-than-impressed with run-of-the-mill gifts, it’s become a haven of delight. Check them out at

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