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Lay's Newest Flavor: Cappuccino?

By Candice Choi | Jul 17
Frito-Lay, the snack division of PepsiCo Inc., will announced coffee-flavored chips as one of the four finalists for its second annual "Do Us a Flavor" contest in the U.S., which gives people a chance to create a new potato chip that is sold nationally.

Lay's Newest Flavor: Cappuccino?

By Candice Choi | Jul 16
American palates have changed considerably over the years, but is the country ready for cappuccino-flavored Lay's?

Andrew Pittz of the Sawmill Hollow aronia berry farm.

Move Over Goji, Aronia Berry Has Arrived

By Margery A. Beck | Jul 14
Aronia berry, a new fruit that research says packs more antioxidants than popular "superfoods" like blueberries, acai berries and goji berries, is establishing itself in the aisles of mainstream grocery stores,

Recipe for Higher Sales: Add Cinnamon and Fiber

By Candice Choi | Jul 12
General Mills hopes a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of fiber will be a recipe for stronger sales.

Ai Fiori

New York Named World's Top Wine Destination

By EDGE | Jul 11
Thirty-six New York restaurant wine lists have been honored in "The World of Fine Wine"'s inaugural World's Best Wine Lists 2014.

Go For the Food: Dim Sum in the Land of Barbecue

By Maria Sudekum | Jul 10
Yes, even in the Land of Barbecue, there are other options beyond the slab. The weekend crowds at Bo Lings Chinese restaurant have long suggested that plenty of people often prefer their pork steamed in a dumpling or diced in rice noodles.

Unlimited Appetizers :: TGI Fridays Steps Up Its Game

Jul 10
National restaurant chains are pulling out all the stops to get more business. TGI Fridays is launching a new strategy: offering unlimited appetizers. Chip Reid reports.

Crumbs on Monday, July 7, 2014 said it is shuttering all its stores, a week after the struggling cupcake shop operator was delisted from the Nasdaq.

Crumbs Cupcake Chain Crumbles

By Candice Choi | Jul 9
Crumbs’ rise and fall isn’t surprising when considering the company’s dependence on a fad. In fact, it’s the latest cautionary tale for one-item restaurants and other chains that devote their entire menus to variations of a single product.

Capt. Jeremy Davis begins investigating the cause of a fire at Manresa restaurant in Los Gatos, Calif.

Fire Damages Michelin-Ranked Calif. Restaurant

Jul 8
A top-rated Northern California restaurant is severely damaged and a firefighter is recovering from injuries after an early morning fire.

Waitresses Ashlee Saenz, left, Lauren Boebert, Jessie Spaulding, and Dusty Sheets pose for a photo with their sidearms in front of the Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colo.

Waitresses at Colorado Eatery Carry Loaded Guns

Jul 7
Many stores and restaurants are telling people not to bring their guns inside, but one western Colorado restaurant not only embraces the practice of packing heat, it encourages its customers to carry openly - and its waitresses do, too.