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3 Refugees Say They've Been Hacked by Bahrain

By Raphael Satter | Oct 13
They thought they'd found refuge in Britain. Then they got hacked. On Monday three Arab pro-democracy activists went public with the allegation that the electronic tentacles of Bahrain's government had followed them all the way to Britain.

France's Iliad Drops T-Mobile US Bid

Oct 13
French telecom company Iliad SA says it has dropped its bid to buy a majority stake in wireless carrier T-Mobile US.

DotGay? DotNoWay, Says Internet Organization

By Jason St. Amand | Oct 11
The nonprofit group that is responsible for doling out the new endings of URLs for the "new" Internet delivered a shocking blow to the LGBT community when it basically said that gays weren't "gay" enough to get a dot-gay (.gay) domain.

Next Edition of is Unveiled

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Oct 10
The Obama administration unveiled a new version of, with some improvements as well as at least one early mistake and a new challenge.

Stir Kinetic Smart Desk Makes You Stand Up

By Peter Svensson | Oct 10
The Stir Kinetic is probably the world's first "smart" desk. It has a built-in touch screen, so you can see this either as a desk with a smartphone in it or a smartphone with a desk attached.

You Have a Phone. Do You Need New Camera from HTC?

By Anick Jesdanun | Oct 10
The Re marks HTC's effort to expand beyond smartphones. Its flagship HTC One smartphone earns high praise from users and tech reviewers but the company's global market share is tiny compared with Apple's and Samsung's.

FBI Wants Help Identifying ISIS Fighter

Oct 9
The FBI is asking the public for help in identifying Americans going to join or fighting with terrorist groups. David Martin reports.

Video Shows Indiana Officer Breaking Car Window

Oct 9
A cellphone video shows police in Indiana breaking a car window and using a stun gun on a passenger. The video was recorded by someone in the car who's suing Hammond police over a Sept. 24 confrontation.

Sen. Wyden: NSA Tech Spying Hurts Economy

By Brandon Bailey | Oct 9
Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and other Silicon Valley executives say controversial government spying programs are undercutting the Internet economy and want Congress to step up stalled reform.

High Court Glitch Delays News on Gay Marriage

Oct 6
The Supreme Court says technical problems kept dozens of reporters at the court and people checking the court's website from learning immediately that the justices had rejected gay marriage appeals from five states.