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Greek Cops Allegedly Attack Gay Couple for Holding Hands

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Aug 1, 2014
A same-sex couple in Athens claims they were harassed and assaulted by at least 10 Greek police last Friday because they were holding hands.

Lebanese Police Use Banned Anal Exam to 'Test' Homosexuality

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Jul 16, 2014
The Lebanese police are reportedly still using a "test" for homosexuality banned in 2012 that involves an anal exam deemed to be "torture" by the nation's Order of Physicians.

Gay London Cop Monitored on Grindr:: Resigns and Sues for Homophobia

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Jun 4, 2014
A former London cop who says that his fellow officers forced him to resign is now suing the Metropolitan Police for discrimination based on racism and homophobia that he said drove him into depression to the point of becoming suicidal.

Jordan Arrests 10 Gays and Lesbians For Holding a Reception

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Feb 28, 2014
Jordan authorities arrested 10 alleged gays and lesbians this week for holding a get-together at a party hall in east Amman.

Police Criticized After Attack on Gays in Bosnia

Monday Feb 3, 2014
Police are being criticized for failing to provide adequate security for a gay film festival in Sarajevo that was attacked by a dozen masked men.

Rights Group Reports Abuses by Lebanese Police

Wednesday Jun 26, 2013
An international human rights group says Lebanon’s police forces are mistreating and torturing people including drug users, sex workers and homosexuals.

Atlanta Fires 6 Police After Eagle Bar Raid

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Jul 12, 2011
Six police officers involved in the 2009 raid on a gay bar, the Atlanta Eagle, have reportedly been fired for lying about what happened on the evening in question. The raid has roiled the city’s politics and brought scrutiny to the police’s tactics.

Fort Worth Will Pay $400,000 in Gay Bar Raid Case

By Angela K. Brown | Wednesday Mar 23, 2011
The city of Fort Worth agreed Tuesday to pay $400,000 to a patron at a gay bar who was severely injured in a police raid two years ago, a settlement that avoided a federal civil rights lawsuit.

2 Soldiers Arrested in Shooting of Gay Youth on day of Rio Pride

By Juliana Barbassa | Thursday Nov 18, 2010
After initially denying involvement, the Brazilian army is holding 2 soldiers after the shooting of a gay youth at Rio de Janiero’s Gay Pride celebrations in what is considered one of the world’s more tolerant metropolises.

Lawsuit Alleges Extensive Police Cover-Up in Atlanta Gay Bar Raid

By Kilian Melloy | Thursday Oct 21, 2010
Atlanta police defied a court order and destroyed evidence pertaining to a raid on a gay bar, a suit filed in federal court alleges.