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Gayest Cities in the Bible Belt

By Chris Persaud | Tuesday Mar 12, 2013
Dixie Land may not be known as a bastion LGBT-friendliness, but there are places in it where Southern Comfort does extend to gays.

Nazi-Era Sodomy Law Still Haunts Gay Germans

By Sergio N. Candido | Monday Mar 11, 2013
Graying gays who were convicted on sodomy charges in West Germany during the first half of the 20th century under a Nazi-era law are asking for their records to be cleared before they die.

LGBT History Project: "Coming Out in Long Beach"

By Randy Hope | Thursday Feb 21, 2013
Everyone is invited to join in the celebration at the Historical Society of Long Beach.The exhibit is set to highlight the struggle for equal rights and the tremendous contributions of the LGBT community in Long Beach.

GLAA Releases 2013 Agenda

By John Riley | Wednesday Feb 6, 2013
The policy brief outlines action items that would expand or protect current District laws with regard to equality for LGBT individuals, couples and families.

Homoquotables: Greeting Cards for "the New Normal"

By Matthew Wexler | Friday Feb 1, 2013
Homoquotables offers romantic gay themed greeting cards that are perfect for special occasions.

Remembering NLGJA’s Michael Triplett

Thursday Jan 31, 2013
The sense of family was evident in his final days in Huntsville, Ala., home to his sister and mother, Shirley Triplett, watched over by them and his partner, Jack Squier.

LBT Women Organization, Aqua Foundation, Presents Ally Awards

By Andrea Dulanto | Thursday Jan 31, 2013
The foundation honors its own allies during the second annual Aqua Ally Awards on Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Bacardi Building in Coral Gables.

LGBT Millennials Start to Think about Aging

By Peter Hernandez | Wednesday Jan 30, 2013
Tom Temprano believes in an anti-ageist LGBT community that recognizes the needs of the elderly, but it wasn’t until he broke a tiny bone in his foot during a heated basketball game that he experienced first-hand the limitations that come with age.

Older Gay APIs Bond Over Dinner

By Matthew S. Bajko | Friday Jan 25, 2013
Sponsored by the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance, the program has been providing a safe space for older gay, bisexual, or transgender API men to connect and engage in frank discussions since 2000.

’Boca Bigots Run City Hall’ Campaign Could be Reinstated

By Dylan Bouscher | Wednesday Jan 16, 2013
Florida’s youngest gay city official didn’t wait long after his appointment to make waves in Boca Raton.