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Gay Marriage Efforts in Ore., Key States

Tuesday Oct 22, 2013
Efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania and New Jersey help illustrate similar situations happening across the country in the months since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down parts of a federal law that restricted the rights of gay couples.

Oregon Recognizes Out-of-State Gay Marriages

By Bobby McGuire | Friday Oct 18, 2013
Although it’s still not legal for same-sex couples to marry in Oregon, the state is now recognizing the marriages of those who tie the knot in another state or country.

Military Veterans Join Push for Ill. Gay Marriage

Wednesday Oct 2, 2013
Illinois military veterans are joining the effort to legalize gay marriage in the state.

Lance Bass Gets Engaged

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Sep 3, 2013
Shortly after reuniting with the other members of ’N Sync at MTV’s Video Music Awards, Lance Bass told UsWeekly that he is now engaged to his boyfriend Michael Turchin.

Lawyers See Recent Gay Marriages As Legally Solid

Thursday Aug 29, 2013
As hundreds of gay and lesbian couples flock to courthouses around New Mexico to get married, advocates are hopeful the state’s highest court will soon step in to resolve lingering legal questions and provide a uniform statewide policy on gay marriage.

Modern Marriage: Oxford Dictionary Now Includes Same-Sex Spouses

By Sergio N. Candido | Wednesday Aug 28, 2013
It may seem like a small change in the wake of legislation granting equal rights, but the fact remains that millions of children around the world will be brought up with a definition of marriage that is LGBT-inclusive.

New Poll: 53% of Taiwanese Citizens Back Gay Marriage

By Michael Cox | Thursday Aug 22, 2013
More than 50 percent of Taiwanese citizens say they approve of the legalization of gay marriage. This is more that double the amount recorded a decade ago.

Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Make NJ Priority

Wednesday Jul 24, 2013
Four national groups advocating for recognizing same-sex marriage are teaming up in New Jersey, saying that the state is primed to allow gay couples to wed.

Federal Judge Recuses from Arkansas Gay Marriage Suit

Friday Jul 19, 2013
LITTLE ROCK, ARK. - A federal judge is recusing from a case challenging Arkansas’ ban on gay marriage, citing friendships with supporters of the amendment that voters approved banning same-sex unions.

Gay Marriage Supporters Launch $2 Million Illinois Campaign

Wednesday Jul 17, 2013
Gay marriage supporters are launching a $2 million statewide campaign to approve same-sex marriage in Illinois.