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Castro Welcomes LGBT Walk of Fame

By Matthew S. Bajko | Sunday Sep 7, 2014
LGBT history was cemented, literally, into the fabric of San Francisco's Castro district this week with the official unveiling of 20 bronze sidewalk plaques honoring LGBT individuals who left a lasting mark on society.

Sarria's Activism Recalled a Year After Death

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Friday Aug 22, 2014
Long before queer activists marched and chanted down the streets of San Francisco, Jose Sarria lived his life as an out, proud gay man.

Smithsonian Adds LGBT History to Museum Collection

By Brett Zongker | Tuesday Aug 19, 2014
Hundreds of photographs, papers and historical objects documenting the history of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are being added to the Smithsonian Institution's collection Tuesday, including items from the popular TV show "Will and Grace."

Park Service Focusing On LGBT Heritage To Diversify Program

By John McDonald | Sunday Aug 17, 2014
The Park Service's plan is to identify locations that are significant to the history of America's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities and protect those places for future generations to enjoy and remember.

Celebrating Charles Warren Stoddard

By Peter Garland | Tuesday Aug 12, 2014
Charles Warren Stoddard (1843-1909) might be called the George Washington of the gay movement in San Francisco, for he published the first relatively open homosexual novel.

World Aids Museum and Educational Center

By Mike Halterman | Wednesday Aug 6, 2014
It's been nearly three years since the World AIDS Museum was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and since then nearly all of the hopes and dreams of the Museum's Board of Directors have been fulfilled.

History: These 10 Folks Were Executed For Being Gay

By Jason Parsley | Sunday Jul 6, 2014
Homosexuality was once considered a normal part of life - especially in ancient Greece. But in modern times gays and lesbians have had it rough.

History: ’Zaps’ Were Stunts to Bring Attention to Gay Rights

By Christiana Lilly | Saturday Jul 5, 2014
With the media largely ignoring the gay community or reporting on it with a negative slant, gay groups worked to get onto the news in various "zaps."

History: A Look Back at Gay Rights’ Biggest Defeats

By Jason Parsley | Friday Jul 4, 2014
In the past few years the LGBT community has seen a string of victories. But sometimes we forget that it took a lot defeats to get to those victories.

Nathan Lane Stars In 1930s Gay Drama ’The Nance’

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Friday Jul 4, 2014
In Douglas Carter Beane’s acclaimed new play Nathan Lane plays Chauncey Miles, who plays a variety of "nance" characters in a low rent burlesque house in late 1930s New York City.