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New Study Finds That Your Mother Made You Gay

By Winnie McCroy | Saturday Feb 15, 2014
A new study of gay men in the U.S. has found that male sexual orientation is influenced by genes passed on by the mother.

New Survey: 1.5% of Britain is Gay or Bisexual

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Oct 4, 2013
A new survey found that 1.5% of people from Britain say they are strictly gay or bisexual.

Court Decides if Gay Juror Can Be Taken Off Case

By Paul Elias | Wednesday Sep 18, 2013
A multibillion dollar case between two pharmaceutical companies grappling over arcane antitrust issues has unexpectedly turned into a gay rights legal imbroglio that raises questions if lawyers can bounce potential jurors solely based sexual orientation.

Gay, Straight or Trans, Asks UK College

By Winnie McCroy | Saturday Sep 7, 2013
Barnsley College in South Yorkshire has been getting the heat for making incoming freshmen declare if they are gay, straight or transsexual on their enrollment forms.

Can Serotonin Levels Change the Sexual Orientation of Mice?

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday May 30, 2013
Researchers found that they could change the sexual orientation of mice by altering their serotonin levels.

For GOP, ’In the Closet’ Is a Sexual Orientation

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Apr 2, 2013
That’s one among a Republican National Committee survey’s many odd questions that’s yet another sign that the Grand Old Party is trying not to be so, well, old.

Homotech :: Is Manhunt Selling Your Sexual Orientation?

By EDGE Investigative Team | Wednesday Jul 25, 2012
The next time you’re on Manhunt, keep in mind that the men you’re chatting with aren’t the only ones interested in your profile. Without notifying its users, Manhunt has launched an ad agency to help marketers target them once they’ve logged off.

Colleges Ask Students to Identify Their Sexual Orientation

By Jason St. Amand | Sunday Mar 18, 2012
Some colleges are asking students to identify their sexual orientation in order to protect LGBT students and offer them special scholarships.

British Man ’Turns Gay’ After Accident?

By Kilian Melloy | Wednesday Nov 9, 2011
A British man who was previously a rugby-playing skinhead broke his neck and suffered a stroke--and then, he says, found that his sexuality had changed from straight to gay.

Poll: Some say homosexuality can be changed

Monday Nov 8, 2010
Forty-four percent of people in Utah agree with Mormon apostle Boyd K. Packer that it’s possible for homosexuality to be overcome, according to a statewide poll released Saturday.