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After Senate Win Gay Groups Shift Focus to Obama

By JuliePace | Friday Nov 8, 2013
Moments after the Senate passed a historic measure to outlaw workplace discrimination against gays, activists turned their attention toward President Barack Obama and a long-sought executive order that would have the same effect, though much smaller.

Senate Panel OKs Bill Banning Anti-Gay Job Bias

By Sam Hananel | Wednesday Jul 10, 2013
Gay rights advocates won another victory Wednesday after a Senate panel approved a bill that would prohibit employers from discriminating against workers on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Push for ENDA Continues

By Antoinette Weil | Thursday May 23, 2013
Though gay activists have seen incredible strides regarding LGBT rights over the past few years, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act has yet to be signed into law, despite it being introduced in almost every Congress since 1994.

Paul Ryan Supports Gay Adoption & ENDA But Not Marriage Equality

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday May 1, 2013
Former GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan has come out in support for gay adoption but still believes marriage should be between one man and one woman.

Virginia House Subcommittee Kills Employment-Nondiscrimination Bill

By John Riley | Thursday Feb 21, 2013
A Virginia House of Delegates subcommittee voted Tuesday to table SB701, a bill that would prohibit discrimination in public employment based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Act Introduced in Maryland Senate

By John Riley | Thursday Jan 31, 2013
LGBT allies in the Maryland General Assembly introduced a bill Tuesday that would extend nondiscrimination protections to transgender individuals in the Free State.

Study: Transgender Discrimination Costs Mass. Millions

By Peter Cassels | Wednesday May 11, 2011
The Williams Institute released a study on Wednesday, May 11, that concludes the exclusion of transgender people from Massachusetts’ employment non-discrimination laws costs the Commonwealth millions of dollars each year.

ENDA to Be Reintroduced in Congress

By Michael K. Lavers | Wednesday Mar 30, 2011
Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank announced on Wednesday, March 30, he plans to reintroduce the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act. It is highly unlikely the GOP-controlled House will pass the measure during this Congress, but Frank stressed activists need to start laying the groundwork for its passage now.

Majority of Americans Want LGBT Employees to Have Equal Workplace Benefits

Monday Oct 11, 2010
According to a poll released by Harris Interactive and Witeck-Combs Communications, Inc., 62% of heterosexual Americans believe LGBT employees deserve equal benefits on the job, such as health insurance for partners or spouses.

North Texas activists push for ENDA passage

By Michelle Parsons | Wednesday Feb 24, 2010
Members of the Human Rights Campaign’s Dallas/Fort Worth Steering Committee, the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce and Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies have stepped up their efforts in support of the federal Employee Non-Discrimination Act.