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Devious Maids - The Complete First Season

By Christian Cintron | Thursday Mar 27, 2014
Marc Cherry’s latest serious focuses on the class issues of a bunch of sexy domestics and their relationships with their wealthy clients. Drama inevitably ensues. Sadly, the DVD does not add any more redeeming value to the series.

LA Law - Season One

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Feb 25, 2014
The show that won a slew of Emmys back in the day can now finally be seen on DVD for the first time.

Eclipse Series 40 - Late Ray

By Jake Mulligan | Saturday Jan 18, 2014
It’s a miracle at all that these films have become available, allowing us to generate a more complicated, more complete, and more honest appraisal of the breadth of Ray’s works.

Teen Wolf - Season 3 Part One

By JC Alvarez | Monday Jan 6, 2014
Get set to foam at the mouth for the DVD release of MTV’s "Teen Wolf - Season 3 Part 1" available now on DVD. Get a taste of the hottest show under the full moon!

Family Guy - Volume 12

By Louise Adams | Monday Dec 30, 2013
The black-and-white case of this DVD set contains the 200th episode, "Yug Ylimaf," as well as 21 other uncensored installments.

TV Terrors: The Initiation Of Sarah and Are You In The House Alone

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Dec 10, 2013
These cult films are a great throwback Christmas gift this year.

Keeping Up Appearances - Collector’s Edition

By Phil Hall | Saturday Nov 16, 2013
The beloved British snob-com returns with newly remastered episodes and surprise special features.

Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely All Of It

By Louise Adams | Wednesday Nov 13, 2013
Eddy and Pats, the "diamond-studded whores of the oligarchs," bring their booze and drugs, chain-smoking and questionable fashion senses to this massively fabulous 10-disc set.

TCM Greatest Classic Legends - Barbara Stanwyck

By Ed Tapper | Wednesday Nov 13, 2013
One of the most versatile stars of the Silver Screen, Barbara Stanwyck is the star attraction of a new DVD collection from Turner Classic Movies.

TCM Greatest Classic Legends - Gary Cooper

By Ed Tapper | Monday Nov 11, 2013
Among the new batch of TCM DVD collections is one devoted to legendary Hollywood leading man, Gary Cooper.