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Five Dances

By Tony Pinizzotto | Wednesday Aug 20, 2014
Director Alan Brown hits the rehearsal hall to bring you "Five Dances" and the coming-of-age of Kansas boy Chip's move to the NYC dance world.

A Brony Tale

By Charlie Nash | Wednesday Aug 20, 2014
The television series "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" has generated a cult following comprised mostly of male viewers above the age of eighteen. This is highly bizarre within our contemporary culture, and it makes for a fascinating documentary.

Love or Whatever

By Padraic Maroney | Monday Aug 18, 2014
A modern day romantic comedy that succeeds despite an unlikable main character.

The Trip to Bountiful

By Phil Hall | Monday Aug 18, 2014
A sincere and moving new film version of the Horton Foote classic.


By Charlie Nash | Monday Aug 18, 2014
Regardless of your sexual orientation, it's hard not to get swept up in "Eastsiders," an insightful and deeply moving webseries that examines both gay and straight relationships within a circle of friends living in Los Angeles.

Getting Go: The Go Doc Project

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
This is the story of how shy "Doc" gets to know a sexy, confident go-go dancer, "Go." It's a sweet and inventive story of a summer fling.

Ja'mie: Private School Girl

By Robert Nesti | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
Chris Lilly is one of the funniest comics on television and "Ja'mie Private School Girls" has him at his malicious best.

Big Joy: The Adventures Of James Broughton

By Michael Cox | Thursday Jul 17, 2014
James Broughton, along with Maya Deren, is one of the premiere names in experimental film, revolutionizing the medium early on. "Big Joy" chronicles the filmmaker's life and his decision to not only "follow his own weird," but accept living as a gay man.

Vicious - Season One

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Jul 8, 2014
Based on the complete Season One, and its minimal improvement from start to finish, an optimistic guess would place the show as approaching something palatable right around Season Three.

Generation Iron

By Phil Hall | Monday Jul 7, 2014
Die-hard gym rats might enjoy viewing their bulky heroes in this cinematic setting. But for those with little or no interest in the subject, the film will fail to bring converts into the fold.