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Big Joy: The Adventures Of James Broughton

By Michael Cox | Thursday Jul 17, 2014
James Broughton, along with Maya Deren, is one of the premiere names in experimental film, revolutionizing the medium early on. "Big Joy" chronicles the filmmaker's life and his decision to not only "follow his own weird," but accept living as a gay man.

Vicious - Season One

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Jul 8, 2014
Based on the complete Season One, and its minimal improvement from start to finish, an optimistic guess would place the show as approaching something palatable right around Season Three.

Generation Iron

By Phil Hall | Monday Jul 7, 2014
Die-hard gym rats might enjoy viewing their bulky heroes in this cinematic setting. But for those with little or no interest in the subject, the film will fail to bring converts into the fold.

1 Last Chance At Paradise

By Kilian Melloy | Sunday Jul 6, 2014
This end-of-the-world / gay romance movie has some problems with slackness, amateur camerawork, and overly long scenes, but it offers a slowly-building resonance that leaves you musing.

In Bloom

By Charlie Nash | Tuesday Jun 24, 2014
Love is always worth fighting for, but it’s also messy, maddening and utterly painful to deal with, particularly when you’re young and trying to find your place in the world.


By Louise Adams | Thursday Jun 19, 2014
"Every ghost story begins with a house and a tragedy," narrates Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver as pediatrician Janet Morello at the beginning of IFC’s slim shocker.

Almost Human

By Ken Tasho | Thursday Jun 19, 2014
You may need a notepad to jot down all the movie references that occur in this debut of director Joe Begos.

Lose Your Head

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Jun 17, 2014
This film really is the cinematic equivalent of a wild party weekend: It catches you up in the moment, but you’ll forget all about it later.

Mischief Night

By Ken Tasho | Friday May 30, 2014
Don’t let the mugging photo of horror stalwart Malcolm McDowell, shown prominently on the DVD cover, fool you into thinking this is his film.

House in the Alley

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday May 27, 2014
Shout Factory, releasing this foreign spooker under the growing Scream Factory series, proves they’re just as adept at releasing new chilling tales as they are older cult horror films.