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Iowa Rep. Steve King Defends Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Mar 4, 2014
Iowa Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said Sunday Arizona’s now defunct SB 1062 would have been good for businesses and that homosexuality is "self-professed behavior" and that it can’t be "independently verified."

George Will: The LGBT Community is Full of ’Sore Winners’

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Mar 3, 2014
A consecrative pundit who frequents a number of Fox News’ shows says the LGBT community is a bunch of "sore winners" following Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision to veto the highly controversial anti-gay bill.

How Corporate America Forced Arizona Bill’s Veto

By Scott Mayerowitz | Saturday Mar 1, 2014
When an important social issue intersected with business in Arizona, Corporate America decided it was time to take a stand.

Republican Factions Split Over Arizona Bill

By Bob Christie and Nicholas Riccardi | Friday Feb 28, 2014
Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto of a bill allowing businesses to refuse service to gays exposed a fracture within the Republican Party between social conservatives and the GOP’s pro-business wing.

A Look at Key Moments in Arizona Governor’s Career

By Bob Christie | Friday Feb 28, 2014
As Gov. Jan Brewer approached the podium and read a carefully worded statement on her veto of a bill that would’ve let businesses refuse service to gays, she found herself in the familiar territory: the national spotlight.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s Full Statement on Vetoed Bill

Thursday Feb 27, 2014
Here is the complete transcript of a statement read by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Wednesday regarding her veto of a bill allowing religious reasons for refusing service to gays.

MLB Criticized Vetoed Arizona Rights Bill

Thursday Feb 27, 2014
Major League Baseball issued a statement criticizing legislation in Arizona that Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a few hours later.

Fla. Republican Gov: I’d Veto Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Feb 27, 2014
With Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona’s recent decision to veto a controversial bill that would allow business owners to refuse service to gays, Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott says he would veto anti-gay legislation.

Arizona Gov’s Veto Aimed At Own Party’s Right

Thursday Feb 27, 2014
Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer slapped down the right wing of her own party, vetoing a bill pushed by social conservatives that would have allowed people with sincerely held religious beliefs to refuse to serve gays.

Hillary Clinton Lauds Ariz. Veto of Anti-Gay Bill

By Michael J. Mishak | Thursday Feb 27, 2014
Hillary Rodham Clinton praised Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision to veto a bill that would have allowed people with sincerely held religious beliefs to refuse to serve gays.