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Attorney Bemoans Oklahoma Gay Marriage Decision

Friday Jul 18, 2014
An attorney for Tulsa County's clerk says he disagrees with a federal appeals court that struck down Oklahoma's ban against same-sex marriage.

Court Rules for Gay Marriage in Oklahoma Case

By Nicholas Riccardi | Friday Jul 18, 2014
A federal appeals court on Friday ruled Oklahoma must allow gay couples to wed, marking the second time it has found the U.S. Constitution protects same-sex marriage.

Gay Rights Groups Plan Celebrations Across Oklahoma

Friday Jul 18, 2014
Gay rights groups are planning celebrations across the state after a federal appeals court ruled Oklahoma's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Student: Expelled From Christian College After Gay Marriage

By Ken Miller | Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
A woman said Monday that she was expelled from a private, Christian college in suburban Oklahoma City because she married her same-sex partner.

Group Of Oklahoma Attorneys Supports Gay Marriage

Monday Jun 23, 2014
A group of about 85 attorneys from across Oklahoma are joining a coalition in support of gay marriage in the state and the country.

Oklahoma Tea Party Candidate Endorses Stoning Gays

By EDGE | Wednesday Jun 11, 2014
Scott Esk, a conservative Christian Tea Party candidate running for the state House of Representatives, who professes to be pro-life, pro-gun and pro-family is also pro-stoning gay people to death.

Judge Asks Pointed Questions in Gay Marriage Case

By Kristi Eaton and Nicholas Riccardi | Friday Apr 18, 2014
A judge in Colorado who will play a pivotal role deciding whether gays should be allowed to wed in the United States asked pointed questions Thursday about whether Oklahoma can legally ban the unions.

Gay Marriage has Second Appellate Court Hearing

By Kristi Eaton and Nicholas Riccardi | Thursday Apr 17, 2014
An appeals court in Denver is hearing its second gay marriage case in two weeks.

Round 2: Court Takes up Oklahoma Gay Marriage Case

By Kristi Eaton | Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
Lawyers for a couple challenging Oklahoma’s ban on gay marriage and the clerk who refused to grant them a license head to a federal appeals court Thursday.

Lawyers: Marriage is for Procreation Potential

By Kristi Eaton | Wednesday Apr 2, 2014
Lawyers for an Oklahoma clerk who refused to grant a marriage license to a same-sex couple say marriage exists for its procreative potential and that the U.S. Supreme Court agrees.