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By Daniel Scheffler | Wednesday Apr 2, 2014
One of the founders of modern architecture, inescapable.

Poolside Pleasures

By Brian Callaghan | Sunday Mar 9, 2014
Photographer Mark Henderson’s new book is a "best of" collection from his earlier books of male nude photography, along with a few exciting new additions.

A Thing Of Beauty - Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian

By JC Alvarez | Friday Mar 7, 2014
"A Thing Of Beauty" reveals a glimpse into the porn industry world of production house CockyBoys and puts the company’s best assets front and center. Admirable and appealing at best.

Men in the Alps

By Brian Callaghan | Saturday Feb 22, 2014
A beautiful new photo book features some stunningly handsome men cavorting in the Alps.


By Christian Cintron | Thursday Jan 9, 2014
This simple book is a collection of photographs of a transgendered performer in the 1990s. However, it challenges gender identity, references various fashion movements, and is a testament to a NYC icon. Not too bad, huh?

Legendary: Inside The House Ballroom Scene

By Kay Bourne | Sunday Dec 29, 2013
A lovingly devised coffee table book, with photographs by Gerard H. Gaskin, welcomes you into a fabulous world akin to the dazzling Emerald City.

The Power Of Glamour

By Daniel Scheffler | Wednesday Dec 11, 2013
A look at glamour and what it really means for you, and for everybody else.

Malls Across America

By Kevin Taft | Tuesday Dec 10, 2013
Photographer Michael Galinsky documents the Age of the Mall in his book, which features all of the high-waisted jeans and big hair you can throw a cassette tape at.

Turn On: Sneax

By JC Alvarez | Monday Dec 2, 2013
If you’ve ever longed for the latest court shoe style, or the muscled hunk in them, then "Turn On: Sneax" is the photo book for you. Whether laced up or high top, there’s a fit for every fetish.

Universal Hunks

By Michael Cox | Thursday Nov 14, 2013
Before porn was a mouse click away, and everyone in Hollywood had definition in their abs, images of half-naked men posing were truly something special, as witnessed in David L. Chapman’s "Universal Hunks."