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Koreas Trade Fire; Island Residents In Shelters

By Hyung-Jim Kim and Jung-Yoon Choi | Monday Mar 31, 2014
North and South Korea fired artillery shells into each other’s waters Monday, a flare-up of animosity between the rivals that forced residents of five front-line South Korean islands to evacuate to shelters, South Korean officials said.

Forbidden Travel: "Pyongyang, North Korea: Architectural and Cultural Guide, Volume 1 and Volume 2"

By Mark Thompson | Tuesday May 1, 2012
Perhaps it’s somehow fitting that one of the world’s most biodiverse habitats exists along the southern border of North Korea, conceivably the world’s most isolated country.

A Glimpse Into North Korean Daily Life

By JEAN H. LEE | Thursday Aug 4, 2011
Everywhere I look, communist North Korea is a world both foreign and familiar to my Korean-American eyes, a place where the men wear Mao suits and children tote Mickey Mouse backpacks.

Haute Korean Moves Into NYC’s Chanterelle Space

Monday Jul 25, 2011
Tucked away in the side streets of Apgujeong lies a cozy little restaurant that produces sci-fi Korean cuisine. The Seoul-based restaurant has made a name for itself with unusual combinations of flavors and high-end ingredients.

South Korea approves sale of Apple’s iPhone

By Kelly Olsen | Wednesday Sep 23, 2009
South Korea’s telecommunications regulator said Wednesday it has given approval for Apple Inc.’s hit iPhone to be sold in the country - potentially shaking up a handset market controlled by domestic manufacturers.
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