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HIV+ Need to Skip Caffeine for a Real Boost

By Cyd Zeigler Jr. | Friday Aug 22, 2014
HIV+ and way too tired? Look to complex carbs, protein, fat and some key vitamins for a better boost than stimulants.

Dieters Move Past Calories, Food Makers Follow

By Candice Choi | Friday Apr 11, 2014
The calorie counting that defined dieting for so long is giving way to other considerations, like the promise of more fiber or natural ingredients.

Three Diets That You Can Try... and Like!

By Mike Halterman | Sunday Feb 23, 2014
Perhaps you’re looking to lose a few pounds to right your blood pressure, or to fit into cute bathing suits, or to just feel right in your own skin. Here are a few food plans you might actually like.

How to Get a Beach Body Fast

By John Maroussas | Saturday Feb 22, 2014
Summer is on the way, and while women can disguise less-than-perfect body parts with clothing, for us guys, once the shirt comes off, the world can see what sort of shape we are in.

Six New Superfoods Everyone Will be Eating in 2014

By Mike Halterman | Saturday Feb 22, 2014
Forget kale, forget the goji berry and forget quinoa. Those superfoods are so 2013. This year, there are many new, trendy super foods - here are six to try.

To Fight HIV, Eat Smart

By Steve Weinstein | Monday Dec 23, 2013
The best way to fight HIV infection is to avoid fad diets, eat sensibly, and drink plenty of water. Tea, yogurt, dark chocolate, and wine? All more than OK!

Break the Crash Diet Cycle

By Stephen Mosher | Thursday Oct 24, 2013
Crash diets have been a part of our culture for decades. Everyone knows about crash diets and everyone has tried it, at least once. People want to lose a few pounds so they will look great for a specific occasion, maybe a reunion or a photo shoot.

The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

By EDGE | Tuesday Jan 8, 2013
Did you consume more than your fair share of turkey, roast beef and spiral ham this holiday season? Perhaps it’s time to consider "The Thirty-Day Vegan Challenge."

Spring Cleanse from Eatwell Counseling

Tuesday Apr 24, 2012
You know you need it, and now is the time - Easter, Passover and taxes are behind us and we’ve got five weeks until Memorial Day. Why cleanse? Do you want to bring those nasty toxins along on your summer vacation?

Ask the Doc :: Losing Weight

By Jason Faulhaber, M.D. | Monday Feb 14, 2011
What’s your advice on losing weight? I’m just sort of a stocky guy, but it seems that every gay man out there wants the same body type. And it isn’t mine.