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The Last Match

By Michael Cox | Thursday Aug 28, 2014
"The Last Match" doesn't fit into a nice little package. Though it may be one of the sexiest films of the year, it is also a compelling social critique and an captivating examination of complex human relationships.

The November Man

By Robert Nesti | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
In "The November Man" Pierce Brosnan attempts to outdo Liam Neeson in creating a franchise for the older Holllywood star. Good luck.

The Quiet Ones

By Ken Tasho | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
The reinstated Hammer Films trademark releases another horror film, one that would've succeeded with a subtler approach.

The Normal Heart

By Kevin Taft | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
Ryan Murphy's film adaptation of Larry Kramer's blistering stage play "The Normal Heart" has a powerhouse of a cast and captures an important, if not, tragic piece of history.

All That Jazz

By Jake Mulligan | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
It may borrow more than a cue from the comparably-autobiographical "8½", but this is a singular effort all the same.

Vengeance Is Mine

By Jake Mulligan | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
It's tempting to refer to Shohei Imamura's movie as being one of the great Japanese films in the history of the form -- but even that feels like selling it short.

The Legend of Hell House

By Ken Tasho | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
What first made me giggle years back with its somewhat campy tone now makes me shudder a bit, as Shout Factory gives this cult classic the glorious restoration it so deserves.

Queen Margot

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Aug 26, 2014
Even at a shade over two and a half hours this restored version, dense with intrigue and assassination, feels like an adaptation of an outline rather than of the full Dumas novel. The film moves along briskly, though, and it's a visual feast.

The Sacrament

By Ken Tasho | Monday Aug 25, 2014
Director Ti West knows a thing or two about making a viewer's hair stand on end.

It's 'Finis' for Maltin's Movie Guides

Saturday Aug 23, 2014
Plume, an imprint of Penguin Random House, says "Leonard Maltin's 2015 Movie Guide" will be the 36th and final edition.