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By Roger Walker-Dack | Friday Sep 19, 2014
If you love excellent Brit comedies, then you will love this movie. It's currently a smash hit in the UK, and looks likely to repeat that success in the U.S.


By Robert Nesti | Friday Sep 19, 2014
"Tusk" is a genuinely odd horror-comedy from Kevin Smith in which a man is kidnapped and turned into a walrus.

The Maze Runner

By Kevin Taft | Friday Sep 19, 2014
The latest YA adaptation is a paint-by-numbers dystopian thriller whose saving grace is the magnetic male lead character played by "Teen Wolf's" Dylan O'Brien.

This Is Where I Leave You

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Sep 19, 2014
This movie runs you down, pummels you with a parade of absurdities and grotesqueries, and then flees town. In a month, no one will remember it, which is probably a good thing for the careers of all concerned.

Flamenco, Flamenco

By Lewis Whittington | Friday Sep 19, 2014
Premier Spanish filmmaker Carlos Sauras' dance film for die-hard flamenco fans, but with a different approach that is more accessible to all audiences.


By Jake Mulligan | Thursday Sep 18, 2014
This is joyous, pastel-colored, Hollywood-influenced filmmaking - not one of Fox's typical coming-out melodramas, but a delectable delight instead.


By Louise Adams | Thursday Sep 18, 2014
Like the evolution of the Batman franchise, the large lizard's legend has graduated from mid-century camp to post-modern moody darkness in Gareth Edwards' creature feature.


By Jake Mulligan | Thursday Sep 18, 2014
Looking at Lynch films as puzzles to be solved is to approach them from the wrong angle. These movies - perhaps "Eraserhead," above all of the others - are defined by their visceral effect, not their mental afterglow. They're experiences.


By Michael Cox | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore pair up for the third time in the funny and forgettable family-friendly romantic-comedy "Blended." Imagine a prequel to "The Brady Bunch" with a few differences.

Matt Shepard is A Friend of Mine

By Louise Adams | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
Fifteen years after his murder gained international attention, friend Michele Josue tells about the person behind the martyr in her 85-minute documentary.