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LaBarbera Wants a Christian Choreographer for ’Mary Poppins’ at Liberty U.

By Bobby McGuire | Thursday Apr 10, 2014
The drama surrounding Liberty University’s production of a Disney classic continued when a Christian radio host and anti-gay advocate suggested that they know better about producing musicals.


By Kevin Taft | Tuesday Mar 18, 2014
Now you can sing along with Adele Nazeem in the privacy of your own home.

Saving Mr. Banks

By Louise Adams | Tuesday Mar 18, 2014
Walt Disney woos harridan author P.L. Travers to adapt her children’s book into the hit film "Mary Poppins," slipping in Dick Van Dyke’s animated penguin dance and cacophonous Cockney accent.

Latter Day Stupidity: Mormon Granny Says ’Frozen’ Promotes the ’Gay Agenda’

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Feb 20, 2014
An ultra conservative Mormon grandmother blogger has set her sights on Disney’s 3D animated film "Frozen," saying this week that the critically acclaimed and commercially successful kid’s flick has a "gay agenda to normalize homosexuality."

5-Year-Old Star of Disney Channel Sitcom Receives Threats Surrounding ’Two Mommies’ Episode

By EDGE | Friday Feb 7, 2014
Mia Talerico, the pint-sized star who plays Charlie Duncan on the Disney Channel sitcom "Good Luck Charlie" which last week ran an episode with a subplot featuring a child with lesbian parents, has been receiving some disturbing threats via social media.

Two Lesbian Moms Beat One Million Moms on Disney Show

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Jan 28, 2014
The Disney Channel introduced their first openly gay character this week with no fanfare, on the show "Good Luck Charlie."

British Virgin Islands Signs Deal with Norwegian and Disney Cruise Lines

Monday Jan 20, 2014
The British Virgin Islands signed an agreement Friday with two major cruise ship companies expected to help boost the territory’s sluggish cruise tourism sector.

Starring As ’Aladdin’ Isn’t Actor’s Only Concern

By Mark Kennedy | Thursday Jan 16, 2014
Adam Jacobs is an actor with a wide smile and a lot on his plate. He’s about to star in the title role of the new Disney blockbuster "Aladdin" on Broadway. He’s also a new father - of twins.

Disney’s Pirate Fairy Goes Couture

By Matthew Wexler | Friday Jan 10, 2014
Walt Disney Studios and Christian Siriano have teamed up to bring to life the newest addition to the world of Tinker Bell and Neverland in "The Pirate Fairy."

Mary Poppins

By David Foucher | Monday Dec 23, 2013
The wind has finally changed for Mary Poppins; landing on Blu-ray with a digital restoration, the film is as charming as ever.