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The Final Terror

By Ken Tasho | Monday Jul 28, 2014
Shout Factory, how I love thee. You've pulled out yet another cult horror movie from oblivion, one that had to be culled from six different source prints to come together on a terrific Blu-ray package.

Ginger Snaps

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
The premiere Blu-ray presentation of the female werewolf film does not disappoint.

Stage Fright

By Ken Tasho | Monday Jul 21, 2014
What's not to love about a movie featuring rocker Meat Loaf, Minnie Driver, and a nubile cast of young people?

Deadly Eyes

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
Once again I must thank Shout Factory for finally releasing this 1982 movie about overgrown rats.

Lake Placid

By Ken Tasho | Wednesday Jul 9, 2014
If you’ve never seen this late ’90s monster movie, now’s your chance to own it on Blu-ray for the first time.


By Ken Tasho | Thursday Jul 3, 2014
Bite your tongue for saying that the long-thought dead "Found Footage" horror genre can’t churn out a decent flick.

Almost Human

By Ken Tasho | Thursday Jun 19, 2014
You may need a notepad to jot down all the movie references that occur in this debut of director Joe Begos.


By Louise Adams | Thursday Jun 19, 2014
"Every ghost story begins with a house and a tragedy," narrates Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver as pediatrician Janet Morello at the beginning of IFC’s slim shocker.

The Sacrament

By Jake Mulligan | Friday Jun 6, 2014
When Kevin Smith beats you to the punch, and makes a better movie in the process, then it’s time to go back to the horror-movie drawing board.

House of Dust

By Ken Tasho | Friday Jun 6, 2014
The failing of "House of Dust" can be blamed on an idea that never comes to fruition.