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By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Aug 19, 2014
It didn't quite catch on back in the day, but thanks to Shout Factory the underwater sci-fi flick is back in all its high-definition glory.

Life After Beth

By Charlie Nash | Friday Aug 15, 2014
"Life After Beth" has an intriguing premise that blends romance, comedy and horror, but no clear sense of direction, resulting in a hollow hybrid of genre tropes.

Motel Hell

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Aug 12, 2014
How fun to view this cannibalistic film again after all these years and discover that it's actually a scathing comedy.

Phantom of the Paradise

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
The film is part of the long and spotty resume of Brian DePalma, and this bizarre mix of horror, comedy, rock music, and weird shenanigans departs from his usual horror movie shtick.

Open Grave

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
Whilst watching "Open Grave", you may be reminded of a "Twilight Zone" episode, where six characters are searching for the reason why they've all been brought together and can't remember why.

Without Warning

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
Leave it to the fabulous retro people at Shout Factory to unearth a hidden gem that stars character actors who've won Academy Awards.

The Final Terror

By Ken Tasho | Monday Jul 28, 2014
Shout Factory, how I love thee. You've pulled out yet another cult horror movie from oblivion, one that had to be culled from six different source prints to come together on a terrific Blu-ray package.

Ginger Snaps

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
The premiere Blu-ray presentation of the female werewolf film does not disappoint.

Stage Fright

By Ken Tasho | Monday Jul 21, 2014
What's not to love about a movie featuring rocker Meat Loaf, Minnie Driver, and a nubile cast of young people?

Deadly Eyes

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
Once again I must thank Shout Factory for finally releasing this 1982 movie about overgrown rats.