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Panel Debunks Stereotype of LGBT Affluence

By Jim E. Winburn | Saturday Jul 26, 2014
The myth of gay affluence serves as a harmful exaggeration, according to speakers of a recent Horizons Foundation panel discussion hosted at Merrill Lynch Private Bank.

Check Out These Scholarships and Grants for LGBT Students

By Nicole Wiesenthal | Sunday Jun 22, 2014
Life can be difficult for a struggling college student living off Cup Noodle and cereal. With the new school year quickly approaching, students find themselves worrying about their financial situation.

Money Matters :: Debit or Credit?

By Ric Reilly | Friday Mar 28, 2014
I am never asked, because I don’t use a debit card. There is not a debit card in my wallet. When one arrives from the bank I immediately cut it up and dispose of it. And here’s why...

Pump Up Your Wallet!

By David Auten and John Schneider | Saturday Mar 8, 2014
Being in picture-perfect financial shape is similar to achieving the perfect body: Rather than calorie-counting, it comes down to money in versus money out.

LGBT Couples Face Easier Tax Season

By Matthew S. Bajko | Saturday Mar 1, 2014
In late August the IRS and U.S. Department of the Treasury announced it would treat same-sex couples that legally married in jurisdictions that recognize their marriages as married for federal tax purposes.

The Money Man :: How to Choose the Right Bank

By Ric Reilly | Sunday Feb 16, 2014
Many think that when they deposit their money in the bank, the bank has that money for their use, on their demand. Nothing is actually further from the truth.

10 Financial Tools for Your Gay New Year

By Ric Reilly | Wednesday Jan 1, 2014
Budgeting is not a difficult task; it’s a primary step to financial freedom. Ric Reilly shows you how to start your New Year on the right financial footing and keep it there.

Lesbians at Helm of Woven, LGBT Financial Resource Site

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Dec 11, 2013
A new Oklahoma-based company, with many women in top positions, is the first to provide comprehensive legal and financial resources to the LGBT community.

One-Two Punch: Financial Stress A Blow to Brain, Wallet

By Seth Borenstein | Saturday Aug 31, 2013
People worrying about having enough money to pay their bills tend to lose temporarily the equivalent of 13 IQ points, scientists found when they gave intelligence tests to shoppers at a New Jersey mall and farmers in India.

Retirees Turn More Attention to Personal Legacies

By Dave Carpenter | Friday Jul 12, 2013
A growing number of retirees are looking to pass along more to the next generation than money and possessions.Life histories, ethical wills and video recordings are just some of the ways people are leaving their personal legacies for loved ones.