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Ban on Opposite Sex Polygamy in Utah Ruled Unconstitutional: Same-Sex Monogamy Remains On Hold

By EDGE | Thursday Aug 28, 2014
It's official, polygamy is now legal in Utah, however if you'd like to have more than one same-sex spouse, you'll have to wait for a United States Supreme Court Ruling.

’Sister Wives’ Family Humbled By Polygamy Ruling

By Brady McCombs | Monday Jan 13, 2014
There was no fist-pumping or wild celebrations by the polygamous family that stars in the TLC reality TV show "Sister Wives" when a federal judge in Utah struck down key parts of the state’s polygamy laws.

Donald Rumsfeld is Confused, Thinks Gay Marriage May Lead to Polygamy

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday May 22, 2013
In a recent interview with Larry King, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted that he is confused on marriage equality and that it could lead to polygamy.

’Sister Wives’ Family Challenges Utah Bigamy Law

By Brian Skoloff | Wednesday Jul 25, 2012
The polygamist family that stars in TLC’s "Sister Wives" has sued Utah and hopes to persuade a federal judge to overturn the state’s bigamy law as unconstitutional.

World Net Daily Raises Specter of Polygamy Following Same-Sex Marriage (Again!)

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Mar 27, 2012
World Net Daily, a conservative and anti-gay website, published an article claiming that the legalization of gay marriage would increase the support of polygamy among Americans.

The ’New Gay?’ Polyamorists Pursue Legitimacy

By Kilian Melloy | Thursday Sep 9, 2010
Polyamorists in Canada are seeking legitimacy for consensual, familial relationships between non-related adults... a lot of them. Or, at least, more than the usual two.
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