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WWE Icon Pat Patterson Comes Out

By Jason St. Amand | Sunday Jun 15, 2014
World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer Pat Patterson revealed he is gay this week in a heartfelt and emotional speech.

Gay WWE Star Discusses Impromptu Coming Out

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Aug 16, 2013
The WWE’s Darren Young made international headlines on Thursday after he shocked a TMZ reporter and told him that he’s gay. On Friday, after receiving support from fellow wrestlers via social media, Young discussed his impromptu coming out.

WWE’s Darren Young Comes Out :: ’I’m Happy. Very Happy’

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Aug 15, 2013
World Wrestling Entertainment star Darren Young surprised a TMZ cameraman when the wrestler suddenly told him he’s gay.

Pro Wrestler Tweets to Homophics: ’Drink Bleach’

By Jason St. Amand | Friday May 11, 2012
WWE superstar C.M. Punk tweeted his support for same-sex marriage after North Carolina voters amended a constitution baned marriage equality from the state. Punk also viciously lashed out at followers who disagreed with his views.

Homophobia & High School Sports: Institutionalized Bullying

By Roger Brigham | Monday Jun 13, 2011
High school sports teams have been in the news lately not for winning games but for instances of bullying, hazing, especially homophobic in nature. Close contact sports like hockey, football & wrestling are especially prone. But why?

Anti-Gay Tweet from WWE’s Cole

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Apr 1, 2011
A World Wrestling Entertainment announcer has generated controversy by firing off a homophobic tweet--the second such instance in two months.

Director Tom McCarthy on family, wrestling and ’Win Win’

By Robert Nesti | Wednesday Mar 23, 2011
Tom McCarthy’s familiar face is due to his acting roles, but his directing of indie features has brought him accolades. His latest - Win Win - is his most personal to date. EDGE spoke to McCarthy about the film.

Out Gay, Pro Wrestler Dead; Apparent Suicide

By Kilian Melloy | Monday Apr 5, 2010
Openly gay former WCW wrestler Chris Klucsaritis was found dead in his Queens, NY apartment over the weekend. It is thought he committed suicide.

Ultimate Fighting fans to descend upon Vegas for centennial fight

By Calvin Rockwell | Friday Jul 10, 2009
A smorgasbord of hunky wrestlers and homoerotic spectacles will greet Ultimate Fighting fans who will descend upon Las Vegas this weekend for the organization’s 100th pay-per-view event at Mandalay Bay.

Smack Down - Gay Style

By Scott Stiffler | Monday May 18, 2009
By its nature -- sweaty men embracing each other in physical combat -- wrestling is the gayest of sports. Why hasn’t professional wresting become more popular with gays? EDGE looks at the uneasy relationship between the sport and gays, as well as the emergence of a gay alternative. (Plus we answer the question: who was Gorgeous George, anyway?)
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