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Thousands March in NYC, Around Globe Over Climate

By Verena Dobnik and Michael Sisak | Sunday Sep 21, 2014
Accompanied by drumbeats, wearing costumes and carrying signs, thousands of demonstrators filled the streets of Manhattan and other cities around the world on Sunday to urge policy makers to take action on climate change.

Historic Freeze Could Break Midwest Temp Records

Saturday Jan 4, 2014
It has been decades since parts of the Midwest experienced a deep freeze like the one expected to arrive Sunday, with potential record-low temperatures heightening fears of frostbite and hypothermia even in a region where residents are accustomed to bundl

Death Valley Temps At Least Tie Record

Monday Jul 1, 2013
A heat wave punishing several Western states brought at least record-tying temperatures to Death Valley and Las Vegas.The mercury rocketed to 128 degrees Sunday in Death Valley National Park, tying the record for the hottest June day anywhere in the US.

Obama Commits to Tough Push on Global Warming

By Dina Capiello and Josh Lederrman | Thursday Jun 20, 2013
President Barack Obama is planning a major push using executive powers to tackle the pollution blamed for global warming in an effort to make good on promises he made at the start of his second term. "We know we have to do more - and we will do more,"

Scientists Predict "Dead Zones" For Gulf and Chesapeake Bay"

Wednesday Jun 19, 2013
Scientists in Michigan and Louisiana are predicting a big summer "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico and Chesapeake Bay unless a tropical storm hits the area shortly before or during the annual measurement.

Food Prices Could Double with Increased Global Warming

By CHARLES J. HANLEY | Saturday Dec 4, 2010
On our current emissions path, climate change becomes the "threat multiplier" that could double grain prices by 2050 and leave millions more children malnourished, global food experts reported Wednesday.

Companies fight to keep global warming data secret

By Dina Cappiello | Thursday Oct 28, 2010
Some of the country’s largest emitters of heat-trapping gases, including businesses that publicly support efforts to curb global warming, don’t want the public knowing exactly how much they pollute.

Dutch agency admits mistake in UN climate report

By Arthur Max | Tuesday Jul 6, 2010
A leading Dutch environmental agency, taking the blame for one of the glaring errors that undermined the credibility of a seminal U.N. report on climate change, said Monday it has discovered more small mistakes and urged the panel to be more careful.

Senate votes on blocking EPA greenhouse gas regs

By Jim Abrams | Thursday Jun 10, 2010
In the absence of congressional action on climate change, the Senate is heading toward a much-watched vote on whether the Obama administration should be allowed to go ahead with regulations curtailing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and other major polluters.

Research group: China prepares for Arctic melt

By Louise Nordstrom | Monday Mar 1, 2010
China is starting to prepare for the commercial and strategic opportunities arising as global warming melts the polar ice cover in the Arctic, an international peace research group said Monday.