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Mary Lambert Spills 'Secrets' With New Single and CD

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Sunday Aug 31, 2014
In her newly released single "Secrets," Lambert sings about her bipolar disorder, her highly dysfunctional family, and other "secrets" which she chooses to reveal. But first, an interview...

Gay Asian Christians Seek Greater Acceptance

By Matthew S. Bajko | Sunday Jun 22, 2014
Often invisible in their Christian churches, LGBT Asian Americans are increasingly speaking out in order to be seen and heard.

Gay? Mormon? Affirmation Can Help

By Christiana Lilly | Sunday Apr 20, 2014
As a junior at Brigham Young University, John Gustav-Wrathall was struggling with his sexuality, he was suicidal, and devastated over the idea of leaving behind the Mormon church that had been his entire life.

’Next Fall’ a Personal Collaboration for Actor and Director

By Michael Cox | Friday Jan 17, 2014
"Next Fall" may be the most profound and personal collaboration between the actor Kendall Hodder and director Russell Greene. In the play, a tragic accident puts Adam’s feelings about his devoutly religious partner to the test.

Retired Episcopal Bishop Otis Charles Dies

By Cynthia Laird | Monday Jan 6, 2014
The Rt. Reverend Edgar Otis Charles, a former Episcopal bishop in Utah who after retirement came out as gay and moved to San Francisco, where he was active in the marriage equality movement, died Thursday, December 26. He was 87.

With Resignation of Pope, LGBTs Hope for True Dialogue on Rights

By Andrew Clark | Monday Feb 25, 2013
With the unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, some in the LGBT community expressed the hope that the Church would engage in a meaningful conversation about LGBT rights. Others aren’t as optimistic.

Methodists to Offer Marriage Celebrations to Same-Sex Families

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Oct 21, 2011
Nearly a thousand United Methodists are ready to defy their denomination and offer marriage ceremonies to same-sex couples in the name of love and family parity.

Presbyterian Church in Wis. to Ordain 1st Openly Gay Minister

By Dinesh Ramde | Sunday Oct 9, 2011
More than two decades after Scott Anderson told his California congregation that he was gay and therefore must resign as its pastor, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) is preparing to welcome him back with mostly open arms.

Conn. Court: Breakaway Parish Can’t Keep Property

By Dave Collins | Saturday Oct 1, 2011
A 135-year-old parish that broke away from the Episcopal Church after it consecrated its first openly gay bishop cannot keep its building and land, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Friday.

Religious Attacks on GLBT Equality Escalating?

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Sep 23, 2011
As next year’s elections draw closer, religious conservatives have begun amping up their message that full legal equality for GLBTs would constitute an attack on religious freedom and on the institution of marriage.