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The Invisible Woman

By Louise Adams | Tuesday Apr 15, 2014
Ralph Fiennes’ film about Victorian writer Charles Dickens and actress Nelly Ternan.

Better Living Through Chemistry

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Apr 15, 2014
There are no special features on this disc, but there is a moral, of sorts: If you’re feeling downtrodden, get some good drugs, commit a few felonies, or at least acquire a set of ninja throwing stars and a fuck buddy.

Norma Rae

By Ken Tasho | Friday Apr 11, 2014
A 35th anniversary edition of a classic film is all but barren in the special features department.

The Slumber Party Massacre

By Ken Tasho | Friday Apr 11, 2014
Get your slinky nighties and pajamas packed!


By Jake Mulligan | Thursday Apr 10, 2014
Marge Gunderson, and "Fargo" - recently released onto Blu-ray - stand as proof that the Coen brothers aren’t nihilists.

Mysterious Skin - Director’s Edition

By Christian Cintron | Thursday Apr 10, 2014
Director Gregg Araki releases a Director’s Edition of the film that brought him from the indie scene to the mainstream. It’s also the film that singlehandedly defined the adult career of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The Blu-ray is full of great features as well.

August: Osage County

By Louise Adams | Wednesday Apr 9, 2014
After the Weston patriarch disappears, his three grown daughters return home to Oklahoma to grapple with their downer-dependent mother in a kind of female "King Lear."


By Louise Adams | Tuesday Apr 8, 2014
Stephen Frears’ film is inspired by the true tale of former BBC journalist Martin Sixsmith and his quest to find the "lost child" of Irish Catholic retired nurse Philomena Lee.

Here Comes the Devil

By Louise Adams | Tuesday Apr 8, 2014
Adrián García Bogliano wrote and directed this "Children of the Maíz" Mexploitation mess.

The Last Days on Mars

By Louise Adams | Wednesday Apr 2, 2014
Spoiler! Martian Zombies!