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Nymphomaniac: Volume I and Volume II

By Louise Adams | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
Lars von Trier aims his misogynist shaky-cam at a man's two-volume version of a woman's "self-diagnosed" sexuality.

Stage Fright

By Ken Tasho | Monday Jul 21, 2014
What's not to love about a movie featuring rocker Meat Loaf, Minnie Driver, and a nubile cast of young people?

The Final Member

By Michael Cox | Wednesday Jul 16, 2014
Tom Mitchell has agreed to donate his penis to the world's only museum exclusively dedicated to the male member in this thought-provoking documentary about the self-worth and the gratification a man receives from his genitalia.

The Unknown Known

By Michael Cox | Wednesday Jul 16, 2014
A strikingly executed installment in Errol Morris' meditations on war and the personalities that shape it. As "Standard Operating Procedure" examines the image as a weapon, this film scrutinizes the power of words in psychological warfare.

Bad Words

By Ken Tasho | Friday Jul 11, 2014
I've finally seen Jason Bateman in a role he was born to play.

Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa.5

By Ken Tasho | Friday Jul 11, 2014
If you can't get enough of Johnny Knoxville and his outrageous shenanigans, this Blu-ray is for you.

Blood Ties

By Louise Adams | Thursday Jul 10, 2014
Cop Frank takes in his older brother Chris when he's released from a prison sentence for murder in 1974 Brooklyn.

Elton John: Million Dollar Piano

By JC Alvarez | Wednesday Jul 9, 2014
This may be the best seat in the house! Experience "Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano" in high-definition now on Blu-ray with spectacular theater quality sound and the true "Queen of Pop" reigning high!

Lake Placid

By Ken Tasho | Wednesday Jul 9, 2014
If you’ve never seen this late ’90s monster movie, now’s your chance to own it on Blu-ray for the first time.

The Raid 2

By Charlie Nash | Tuesday Jul 8, 2014
If you missed Gareth Evans’ exhilarating sequel to his critically-acclaimed, Indonesian martial-arts film, fear not: "The Raid 2" is now out on Blu-ray.