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Fading Gigolo

By Michael Cox | Thursday Aug 21, 2014
There seems to be a secret male fantasy of being paid to have sex. In "Fading Gigolo," John Turturro brings to the screen his inconspicuous little sexual fantasy in a charming comedy with a talented cast of fellow actors.

The Other Woman

By Christian Cintron | Wednesday Aug 20, 2014
That comedy that feels like "The First Wives Club" but isn't is on Blu-ray. While great to see Cameron Diaz and Nicki Minaj in movies this comedy doesn't deliver much comedy in either the film or bonus features.


By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Aug 19, 2014
It didn't quite catch on back in the day, but thanks to Shout Factory the underwater sci-fi flick is back in all its high-definition glory.

Railway Man

By Monique Rubens Krohn | Sunday Aug 17, 2014
British prisoner of war, Eric Lomax, survives brutal torture by his Japanese captors and returns home tormented by PTSD. Supported by his wife's love and dreaming of revenge, he returns to kill his tormentor, only to find humanity instead.

Need for Speed

By JC Alvarez | Saturday Aug 16, 2014
Catch it if you can... especially if you're a high-octane movie fan! "Need For Speed" is faster and more furious than anything ever seen, and it's available now on Blu-ray in hi-def picture and sound. Buckle-up!


By Michael Cox | Tuesday Aug 12, 2014
Before you throw "Frozen" into the Blu-ray player for the umpteenth time, because your kids are terrified that there may be one frame of animation they have forgotten since yesterday, consider giving them the opportunity to see a real-life adventure.

Dom Hemingway

By Michael Cox | Monday Aug 11, 2014
Heavily influenced by the testosterone soaked cinema of Martin Scorsese and the verbal, stylistic mish-mashing of Quentin Tarantino, "Dom Hemingway" features Jude Law playing against type as a narcissistic professional criminal.

The Wind Will Carry Us

By Jake Mulligan | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
Please allow me to start with a cliche. The films of Abbas Kiarostami contain multitudes.


By Jake Mulligan | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
It's a snowbound noir.

Open Grave

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
Whilst watching "Open Grave", you may be reminded of a "Twilight Zone" episode, where six characters are searching for the reason why they've all been brought together and can't remember why.