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Puerto Rico Court Ruling On Gay Adoptions Appealed

Wednesday Mar 6, 2013
A lesbian whose adoption request was recently denied by Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court is appealing the ruling.

Five Signs That Puerto Rico is Gayer Than You Think

By Dan Allen | Tuesday Mar 5, 2013
For all its beauty and travel convenience, Puerto Rico is sometimes overlooked by gay travelers, who assume that it’s simply not a very LGBT-friendly place. That may have once been true, but things are rapidly changing.

Puerto Rico Slowly Warms to Gay Rights

By Danica Coto | Saturday Mar 2, 2013
Puerto Rico is becoming more gay-friendly, as evidenced by a bill in the legislature to outlaw discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.

Puerto Rico Denies Gays Right to Adopt Children

By Danica Coto | Thursday Feb 21, 2013
Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court narrowly voted Wednesday to uphold a law banning gay couples from adopting children.

Puerto Rican Officials May Approve Anti-Discrimination Bill

Wednesday Jan 16, 2013
Puerto Rico’s legislature is expected to approve a long sought-after bill that would make it a crime to discriminate against people based on their gender or sexual orientation.

Romney Wins Puerto Rico, GOP Campaign Continues

By Philip Elliott and Ben Fox | Sunday Mar 18, 2012
Mitt Romney scored an overwhelming win Sunday in Puerto Rico’s Republican presidential primary, trouncing chief rival Rick Santorum even as the two rivals looked ahead to more competitive contests this week in Illinois and Louisiana.

GOP Fight for Delegates Stretches to Puerto Rico

By David Epso | Thursday Mar 15, 2012
An upbeat Rick Santorum barreled into Puerto Rico on Wednesday in pursuit of another campaign-bending victory in a Republican presidential race where suddenly no primary is too minor and no delegate is conceded.

Federal Officials to Conduct Hate Crime Trainings in Puerto Rico

By Michael K. Lavers | Tuesday Mar 13, 2012
EDGE has learned that the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will conduct training on hate crimes for Puerto Rican law enforcement officials. Federal officials will also meet with Puerto Rican LGBT activists this week.

Puerto Rico Lawmakers Seek to Exclude LGBTs from Hate Crimes Law

By Michael K. Lavers | Monday Dec 12, 2011
Puerto Rico lawmakers are poised to vote on a revised penal code that includes a proposed provision that would eliminate sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and other categories from the island’s hate crimes law.

Puerto Rico Police Investigate Another Possible Anti-Gay Hate Crime

By Michael K. Lavers | Thursday Oct 27, 2011
José Juan Jiménez Santiago’s body was found in Corozal early on Wednesday, Oct. 26. Puerto Rican police have yet to identify a motive behind the nurse’s death, but LGBT activists continue to urge investigators to examine whether his murder is a hate crime.