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Texas Trans Teacher Triumphs, May Teach Teens

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Apr 11, 2014
After being suspended by Lumberton Intermediary School in Texas, transgender teacher Laura Jane Klug was returned to the roster of substitute teachers

Geena Rocero Launches Global Organization for Gender Rights

By EDGE | Monday Mar 31, 2014
To coincide with the celebration of International Transgender Day of Visibility, activist and model Geena Rocero today launched her new a global awareness campaign, Gender Proud.

What’s Between Your Legs?: Thoughts on International Transgender Day of Visibility

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Mar 31, 2014
Special guest writer Cathy Renna shares her thoughts on International Transgender Day of Visibility.

Turkey Man Kills Trans GF, Family Disavows Her Gender

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Feb 25, 2014
A Turkish man admitted to killing his trans girlfriend and burying her in a vineyard. But the woman’s family disavowed her gender identity and buried her as a man.

How to Be a Drag King With Brooklyn’s Goldie Peacock

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Jul 18, 2013
Ever wanted to know what it was like to be a drag king? Brooklyn’s Goldie Peacock will show you what it takes to unleash your inner stud.

Insurance Giant OKs Surgery for FTM Emerson Student

By David Perry | Thursday Mar 14, 2013
When Emerson University denied FTM student Donnie Collins’ top surgery, his frat brothers were quick to pick up the cause. Now, under media scrutiny, Aetna has agreed to cover the costs.

Surveying the Transgender Scene

By John Riley | Thursday May 3, 2012
For the next six months to a year, the DC Trans Coalition (DCTC) will be surveying members of the District’s transgender community in hopes of obtaining a fresh perspective on the major concerns facing transgender people.

Calif. Court Nixes Surgery for Transgender Inmate

Thursday Sep 22, 2011
A California appeals court has rejected a transgender inmate’s attempt to force the state to pay for her sex reassignment surgery and to move her to a women’s prison.

Rights Group Criticizes Dutch Transgender Rules

Tuesday Sep 13, 2011
Human Rights Watch is criticizing the Dutch government for infringing the rights of transgender people by refusing to register their new gender on official documents until they have had sex change surgery and been sterilized.

Judge Apologizes to Inmate Seeking Sex Change

By Denise Lavoie | Friday Aug 19, 2011
A federal judge on Thursday apologized to a transgender inmate who has waited years for a ruling on whether she can get a taxpayer-funded sex-change operation.