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SF Pride Sued Over Shooting

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Saturday Jun 7, 2014
A man who was shot at last year’s San Francisco Pride celebration is suing organizers, claiming they were negligent because they failed to provide adequate security.

Fox Commenter Fired for Saying UCSB Shooter was Secretly Gay

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday May 28, 2014
Fox News commenter Dr. Robi Ludwig has begun losing gigs after speculating that UCSB shooter Elliot Rodger was driven to kill by his secret gayness.

In a ’Panic,’ Gay Husband Murders Wife; Sentenced to 21 Years

By Kilian Melloy | Saturday Apr 12, 2014
A gay man of Indian origin living in England "panicked" at his wife’s threat to out him and strangled her to death. Now he faces a 21-year jail sentence, the BBC reported.

Boston Magazine Profiles Rintala Case

By Sue O’Connell | Saturday Jun 1, 2013
"Reasonable Doubt" explores the first time a woman had been accused of murdering her lawfully wedded wife.

Corkins Pleads Not Guilty to Seven New Charges

By John Riley | Thursday Nov 8, 2012
Floyd Lee Corkins II, the man accused of shooting a security guard at the Washington headquarters of the anti-gay Family Research Council (FRC) in August, pleaded not guilty to 10 charges against him.

Boston Protects With Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project

By Dan Meyer | Saturday Oct 20, 2012
Responding to high rates of domestic violence in the gay community, including the murder of David Walton by James Costello, Boston’s Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project has amped up their education and advocacy efforts.

Man Accused of Fatally Stabbing Transgender Woman Held Without Bond

By John Riley | Sunday Jul 1, 2012
The man accused of fatally stabbing 23-year-old transgender woman Deoni Jones, also known as JaParker and Logan, will remain in jail, held without bond, as he awaits trial on a charge of second-degree murder while armed.

Washington Brothers Get Fall Trial

By John Riley | Saturday Jun 30, 2012
The two brothers accused of assaulting five women - some of whom identified as lesbians - in Columbia Heights in July 2011 will go to trial this fall, D.C. Superior Court Judge Herbert B. Dixon Jr. decided at a June 21 status hearing.

IHOP Shooting Suspect Rejects Plea Deal

By John Riley | Sunday Jun 10, 2012
A woman accused of shooting a gay man inside a Columbia Heights IHOP Restaurant in March rejected a plea deal this morning, sending her case to a grand jury, who will determine whether the charge of one count of aggravated assault while armed may proceed

A Suspect in Atlanta Hate Crime Identified

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Feb 24, 2012
A suspect who was allegedly involved in a hate crime against a 20-year-old Atlanta gay man was recently identified by local authorities.