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Get Rich Quick Scheme Backfires: Malawi Man Loses Penis to Hyena

By EDGE | Sunday Apr 6, 2014
A get rich quick scheme backfired when a Malawi man following the instructions of a witch doctor who promised him wealth lost three toes and his penis to a hungry hyena.

Financial Giant Wells Fargo Shows Proud Support of GLBT Youth, Equality

By Kilian Melloy | Monday Jun 24, 2013
A number of organizations dedicated to supporting GLBT youth have teamed up for this year’s Pride season, with corporate support from financial services giant Wells Fargo & Company.

Accounting Firm Focuses on LGBT Community

By Gideon Grudo | Saturday Jun 30, 2012
The LGBT community faces unequal and often unfair tax treatment all over the country, each state having created its own policies regarding same-sex couples. Now, an accounting firm has decided to help.

Chloƫ Sevigny to Chair Annual LGBT Fundraiser, Jeffrey Fashion Cares

Monday Mar 5, 2012
Jeffrey Fashion Cares, the annual fashion fundraiser benefiting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and those with HIV/AIDS, announced Chloƫ Sevigny will be Honorary Chair.

Bank Announces Financial Services for Gay and Lesbian Families

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Jan 4, 2011
A venerable trans-national financial services company has announced a new program designed for the needs of gay and lesbian families.

Senate vote would upend rating agency system

By Jim Kuhnhenn | Friday May 14, 2010
Shaking up how Wall Street assesses risks, the Senate on Thursday voted to end the ability of financial institutions to choose the credit rating agencies that rate their investment products.
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