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Defining Family :: To Choose or Not to Choose

By Caleb Rainey | Saturday Aug 30, 2014
Family has historically been an elastic term for the LGBT community, partially due to the fact that for many years being LGBT was enough to get you expelled from your birth family.

Sarria's Activism Recalled a Year After Death

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Friday Aug 22, 2014
Long before queer activists marched and chanted down the streets of San Francisco, Jose Sarria lived his life as an out, proud gay man.

Miss Florida F.I. Returns

Saturday Aug 2, 2014
You have heard the rumblings for months and now it's come to reality: The return of the oldest nationally-recognized female impersonator pageant, dating back to 1972.

San Fran's 'Flagging in the Park'

By Jim Provenzano | Sunday Jul 20, 2014
A combination of festive outdoor event and fundraiser, the roots of the swirling tie-dyed dance form goes back to the earliest days of gay culture, and even decades before.

Activists In Dallas Fed Up With The Corporatization Of Pride

By Christiana Lilly | Sunday Jun 29, 2014
There’s a gay revolution brewing in Dallas, and it’s against an unlikely foe: The Pride Parade, which has become, some say, become sanitized and corporatized.

(Invisibly) Queer

By Sylvia Rodemeyer | Thursday May 15, 2014
"Wait, but you don’t look like a lesbian." If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that in the last decade, I’d have enough cash to cover an entire month’s rent. It’s the plight of femme-presenting queers.

Freddy Mercury Comic to Reduce HIV Stigma

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday May 13, 2014
Bluewater Productions has released a new comic book biography on the life of Freddie Mercury, the Queen frontman who died of AIDS as a way to address and hopefully reduce continuing stigma around HIV.

Gallup Study: 3.4 Percent of US Adults Identify as LGBT

By David Crary | Friday Oct 19, 2012
A new Gallup survey, touted as the largest of its kind, estimates that 3.4 percent of American adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Chicago’s Legacy Walk: LGBT History Comes to Halsted

Tuesday Oct 2, 2012
In recognition of October as Gay and Lesbian History Month, the Board of Directors of the Legacy Project announced that the upcoming dedication of the Legacy Walk will take place on the 25th Anniversary Commemoration of National Coming-Out Day.

First Gay Culture Festival on Greek Isle of Skiathos in July 2012

Monday May 14, 2012
The 1st International Gay Culture Festival will be held in 12-15 July 2012 on the cosmopolitan island of Skiathos, Greece.