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Straights Still See Gay Men as Feminine

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday May 8, 2014
Sorry, gym bunnies -- all that pumping iron doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect: a recent study shows that many people still consider straight men to be more masculine than gay men.

Fashion Sense: Bernhard Roetzel’s "A Guy’s Guide to Style"

By Mark Thompson | Friday Apr 6, 2012
With invitations that specify "business attire" or "creative black tie" or "festive," it’s something difficult to navigate the catwalk on the road to looking good. What you need is a fashion primer.

JD Samson :: From Le Tigre to MEN

By Joseph Erbentraut | Friday Mar 11, 2011
JD Samson is best-known as a member of the feminist-punk-electronic music trio Le Tigre. Since the group went on hiatus, she’s been involved in a new band called MEN. EDGE spoke to the iconic Samson about the group, their new CD, politics and the road.

Ahh...! Ahh!... Achoo! Some Men Allergic to Their Own Sperm

By Kilian Melloy | Thursday Feb 3, 2011
Ever heard of lovers who are allergic to each other? It’s not that common, but it does happen. So does another allergic reaction: that of some men to their own semen.

Redefining Manhood

Friday Sep 24, 2010
"Cosmopolitan" magazine is the host of a ’Man Summit’ which will explore men’s changing personal and professional roles.

CBS’s Double Standard: Network Rejects Humorous Super Bowl Ad For Gay Dating Site

By William Kapfer | Saturday Jan 30, 2010
CBS’s Double Standard: CBS Rejects Humorous Super Bowl Ad For Gay Dating Site, Yet Accepts Allegedly Dishonest Ad Paid For By Organization Founded By Anti-Choice Fanatic, James Dobson CBS said that its standards and practices department decided to reject a proposed ad by that would have shown two men kissing while watching a football game- See link to ad below-but has accepted an ad created by an anti-abortion advocacy group -- Focus on the Family" ad featuring Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow and his mother.
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