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Hacker Takes Over Popular Factoid Twitter, Sends Anti-Gay Tweets

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday May 22, 2014
The hugely popular factoid Twitter account UberFacts was hacked Wednesday evening and the person behind the cyber attack sent out a series of strange, racist and anti-gay tweets, including a White House petition to "deport the gays."

NY Times Website Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Wednesday Aug 28, 2013
Readers who tried to click on the New York Times’ website got nothing but error messages for several hours during the site’s second major disruption this month. A hacker group calling itself the "Syrian Electronic Army" claimed responsibility.

Twitter hack opens popups, causes havoc

By Barbara Ortutay | Wednesday Sep 22, 2010
A new way to cause mischief quickly spread through short-messaging service Twitter on Tuesday morning before the site could fix the problem, as mysterious "tweets" of blocked-out text propagated themselves and caused popup windows to open.

Schools in China say they weren’t behind hacking

Monday Feb 22, 2010
Two prominent schools in China dispute allegations that hacking attacks on Google and other firms originated from them, a report said Saturday.
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